My first $2000.00 day

I’m beat! 422 days in buissness and i hit my first $2000.00 day. Back in July I bought a four shelf bakers pride counter top oven and was able to hit my first $1000.00 day. Before that I was just a take and bake indy doing about $3000.00 a week. September 27 I bought a Bloggett 1820 conveyor and a month later I hit my $2000.00 day mark. It went really good got aq little backed up from 5:00 - 6:00 but not all that bad. I have another Bloddgett 1820 coming in on Tuesday so I’m hoping that the $3000.00 day won’t be far off. Thanks to all who have helped me along in my first year. :smiley:

Congrats you are well on your way! Each mile stone make me wunder how far can I go with this. Just be creative with what you do and the sky is the limit.

Congratulations !
that’s a lot of pizza.
next milestone $2500, should not be that much harder, labor should drp another 5%…will have some extra margin to bonus some of your good employees when appropriate.
I’m still looking for my first $1,000 day.



You REALLY need a freeway sign.

Nobody would have a clue that they could get pizza passing through town.

"You REALLY need a freeway sign. "

you are right, I think it would be worth it.
I will check intto it.

Top work Tony.
It didn’t seen that long ago that you were telling about your $1000 day and how you were pushed.

Great to see you took heed of advice and got the conveyor. They make life so much easier, plus you can push through that extra volume without the extra staff.

Another 3 months and we will be hearing $3000 days.


great tony congrats how many people live in town and who are your competetion ?

Ride that wave! I hope your new oven keeps the system flowing for you on those peak hours . . . that’s the hardest part for my “bum rush” nights.

Their is 10,000 people within 5 mile range, there is one papa murphys and three other places that sell pizza, no big three, I guess i’m lucky about that.

Congrats Tony !!!

Congrats!!! You got it up keep it up. Whatever you are doing keep doing it and do more.

thanks everyone for the support, you guys are great. :smiley: