My first post!

Hi all!

Just wanted to introduce myself. I am a new advertiser with PMQ.

My name is Jason Upton. I have spent my entire working career in the pizza business.

I filled out only one application for employment in my life.

My first job was working as a pizza maker at the age of 16. I never worked any place else.

Three years ago I opened my own insurance agency dedicated to insuring pizzerias in 49 states.

I just wanted to say that if I can ever be of assistance to you please don’t hesitate to let me know. For me pizza is a way of life. So I am here to help. Feel free to reach out if you just need some advice or have questions about the pizza business.

Thanks and I look forward to being part of the Tank…I love talking pizza!

I will work hard to respect the board and its mission and not use as a promotional opportunity but did want to say hello and hope to offer something to the community.


Slick website, will get a quote monday