My first restarant

Hi guys, I’m Joe

I’m planning to open a restarant doing mostly pizza, but burgers and chicken too.
I know I probably need a pos to do it right, but what one should I get? The last guy
to put anything on here seemed to like Digital Dineing but the place I used to work at hated it.
They did burgers mostly but added pizzas, and it didnt’ work for delivering too well. And it messed up lots of other things.
Whats the best one out there now? Thanks. Ive already learned a lot from looking at this bulliten board. Sorry for my typing.

I would look at pizza oriented POS systems. As far as which is best, that’s just a matter of opinion and everyone on here has their opinions. If you are a tech guy, look at Point of Success as you can save a fortune using used hardware and programing the menu yourself. If you’re not a tech guy, I’d recommend looking at Prism, Revention, Speedline, InTouch POS and Food Tec. They all do relatively the same thing with differing ease of use and stability issues. Prices are generally high on these systems but if you do any volume at all, the will pay for themselves in short order.

i went with speedline and i love it! but it was really really expensive. i have always worked on paper and cash register and was hell bent on never writing another ticket again. maybe check out some of these ipad and tablet based systems that are coming out and are more affordable. i am a year and a half in now and i kinda wish i still had the money i spent on the system to use on marketing or improvements.