My luck says I'm ready for Vegas!!!!

As some of you know, I’ve been eagerly awaiting a Smart for Two car that I ordered in September. I plan to get it wrapped and use it as a form of advertising my business. I wasn’t expecting to get it for another three or four months but my luck took a turn for the better today. Got a call during dinner rush tonight from a dealership that has one that the original customer doesn’t want and I will take posession next friday, the day I return from the pizza show :smiley: . It doesn’t have all the options I was looking for, but it sure beats waiting for a few more months. I’ve already seen three of them in my town so the sooner I get mine, the more effective it is for advertising. How lucky was I to get this call while 30-40 thousand other people wait for theirs to be delivered. Now hopefully I don’t lose all the money on the blackjack tables that I was planning to buy this car with! :lol:

As you can see Vegas was not built on winners so you could just give me your money and I will put it to good use…on the texas holdem table lol