My Manager stole a LOT

So I discovered my bar manager had been stealing from me in many different ways. I fired him about 5 weeks ago. We do about 21% of sales in alcohol and the vast majority is beer (so our costs are going to be a bit higher than typical bar costs). Look what happened to our costs this month:

My past 8 months Liquor Costs (total cost of bar goods).


He must have stolen thousands of dollars from me a little bit at a time. It was weird too because it wasn’t one particular scam. He kept the money from the mega touch machine, he asked one of our regulars to pay his monthly tab in cash (and pocketed it). He kept a servers overage from the till, and the list goes on and on. Anyway, back to sawing wood to drive costs back down…


ouch that’s gotta hurt.

Your post illustrates a really good point (sorry not aiming to be critical of you but I bet you’re already kicking yourself on what you didn’t do to realise this earlier). You MUST make sure that you have systems in place to control stock and money. If it ain’t nailed down or counted regularly its gonna walk out of the shop. If it happens once without any repercussions then it will happen again and again!

Simple stock control would have highlighted your loss 7 months ago (based on the figures you have). Ehm Mr Manager why has the liquor cost risen by 8% this month?

Hopefully you’ve learnt a few things you need to put in place. Trust no one. Even if you put controls in place, CHECK THEM.

You really need to make sure you have better controls certainly if you are looking at adding delivery! Do does that open a whole new set of ways to steal from the shop! Good luck and don’t forget to let us know if you need help or suggestions!

So, question is…are you pressing charges?

A catering manager just got busted stealing almost $70K over the past 2 years at my old job and she is being prosecuted and is most likely going to do some time… Grand Larceny (I think).?

Every shop needs good control over there books. It is super apparent that a POS isn’t being used or it’s use isn’t being enforced. A POS could track bar tabs, over and short trends for servers (or lack there of) Mega Touch pay-in’s etc… A POS always looks like an expensive line item but it’s the only thing that is watching over the most important thing your money. Even better it looks after your labor costs and will even make sure all the extra dipping sauces and extra shot of Liquor etc are getting rung up. As the pesky POS sales guy always says it truly does pay for itself. You caught this guy but who else watched him get away with it and is now stealing or who is the next yahoo you hire that steals from you?

Wow,thats awful to hear and read about!Hope it does not happen to you again!

Sad,these type of people bounce from Job to job,stealing more than they will ever earn by working hard.Alot of times,they even know how to work the system,to where it gets to be too late,you cant prove anything,or it would cost you too much in legal fees and away from work to go after them.

This happened to my wife’s fomer Boss at the restaurant where she works at.He was stealing from the owners and it got to the point where they could not prove it but KNEW the money was going missing somewhere.They fired him and let it go.Did not pursue charges.

This guy was working the sheets,the computers and etc,knew had to hide his tracks very well.Funny,after this happened,people heard rumors he was fired from a national chain place many years back for suspicion of embezelment,but was never charged.

I just recently found a manager giving away food to a boyfriend and after this was found out it was brought to my attention that other things were being given away. I called her into my office asked her if she gave food away to boyfriend. she said i dont know what you are talking about. I showed her film of her giving food away she stated i must have forgot to ring it up …all food orders must be put into pos before being made… company policy. …its in our employee handbook… long story short she was fired for stealing … she requested a hearing from unemployment. We went for a hearing in front of an administrative law judge…judge found that …we let staff know that if they dont ring orders into pos they will be fired but… we did not let staff know that if they FORGET to ring an order in that is not a reason to discharge… needless to say she won and is collecting unemployment. I can appeal but whats the use . They steal my hands are tied…Sometimes it makes you want to padlock the doors… sad thing is i was paying her a good wage - health insurance - and we gave her extra money when she went to visit her kids . as sort of a bonus…so bottom line is no matter how well you treat some of them you will be scr*wed. I have been in business since 1983 and no matter how many you think you’ve seen it all there will be something else or someone else that will make you want to throw your hands in the air and say I’VE HAD ENOUGH…but we keep plugging along…I’m 55 and counting the days to 62 and i’m done…I planned to keep the business till i was 65 but things like this just make me say what the hell.

dipaulos pizza posted:

we did not let staff know that if they FORGET to ring an order in that is not a reason to discharge… needless to say she won and is collecting unemployment.

Holy Heck,are you kidding me!???
I know your’e not but what the F!?
How the heck can anyone be a Judge and allow this crap to go on?
Was it near election time when this happened?

Wow,I would love to have this Judge and get pulled over for a DUI and simply say I Forgot how much I drank so I’m NOT accountable or guilty.

I hang out on other forums,can I post your story there too?I wont list your screen name or where it came from but my gawd,this kind of liberal litigation BS has to stop!Sorry to hear of this!

Okay, so if she forgot to ring the person up, how the hell did she know what food to give them.

If there is no ticket printed up, then there is no food to be made…


Hi Bill,
Be my guest and post away. I appreciate leaving my screen name out.
Thanks, Mike