My new menu for my new restaurant- Feedback please

These menus are going into the phone book 4 weeks before we open. I created all artwork, branding, menus etc. myself.
The prices are not included but a 14" pizza will be about $25 plus $2.50 for delivery. Our pizzas are gourmet using top notch ingredients. Focusing on value, service and high quality food (something my Canadian ski town needs big time). Anyhow, what do you guys think about the menu and look and feel? The images are low resolution so you guys could view them with out loading delays. … sserie.jpg … isplay.jpg

Really appreciate any help form you pizza pros…


are the links working for you guys?

No go. Links say “service temporarily unavailable” just now.

Allow me to explain, geocities is a free web building site with a very very small data transfer cap. so if one or two people visit the site that will be it for the next couple hours before anyone can enter the site. It’s part of the disadvantage of it being “Free”, you have to pay for higher transfer caps.

PLEASE upload your images to because i really like to see your menues, it is easy to use and then copy the links and post them back.


Just got through to look at them . . . I like the visual theme a lot. It is easy to read, has visual cues to draw the eye around the page. Very colorful, and keeps a minimum number of color/font changes. . . your store logo is prominent and featured on all pages.

Will you have pricing on the web-based menu? It could be a useful idea for your customers who are planning out their dinner; I know it is a business decision. The 2-page on glossy paper would be a huge impact here in my town . . . so don’t send it here! :slight_smile: I got enough without that competition. Excellent look, and it makes me want to revisit mine again.

ResortPizza - Nice work, looks completely professional and is very catchy…and I’ve seen thousands of menus over the last couple of years. I’m sure that menu will do real well for you if your marketing is aggressive- let us know how they work out! All the best!

The website will have all the prices included with a full navigational menu ( to be launched in 5 weeks), the only reason there are no prices for the phone book menus is that there not fully costed out yet. I think prices on menus are better as the customer is more informed and it decreases call center info. type calls.

Thanks for the compliments about the design, I’ve been designing restaurant menus for years now for magazines etc… As for the glossy paper, in Whistler here the hotels and conceirges wouldn’t hand out anything less, leaves me no choice.

Many thanks for the kind words,

Just noticed i’m replying in 2 threads here, ops!

My marketing budget is pretty big with aggresive advertising, menu distribution, local promos and my other business (Resort Room Service) will be promoting the crap out of it as well with a flurry of weapons in place.

I must say i’m pretty stoked on this venture and you guys are a great help, I’ll be on these boards on a regular basis.