My new web site, what do you think of it?

Would like to have your thoughts on it, thanks in advance

Don’t know how to post it otherwise.

Nice site, very easy to navigate and understand. Three obsevations:
1: why price your veggie pizza as the most expensive? Certainly your seafood and nost of the others have a higher food cost.
2. Every item on your menu has a price other than chicken wings. Makes me scared to ask how much you sell them for.
3. The picture you use for the background shows a very nice looking pizza, but I would try to use a clearer image. You don’t notice it on every page, but really sticks out under the guarantee.

Your web site looks good and easy to navigate.
I think you should make your guarantee in the front page bigger so it stand out more.
and I would develope more the section “about us” to include how you make your pizza fresh, your background as Italian, and also how your pepperoni pizza is loaded with 101 peperonis and other things in that line.
just my 2 cents.

Hi Tony

I really like - its simple (I really hate flashy websites with things popping up). My only suggestions to improve is to add some different pictures (maybe pictures of your speciality pizzas to go by their description)

I must say through I am a little confused - I thought you were delco but from your front page (we make em you bake em) it looks like your T&B?

which is it?

Both del/co and take & bake have to change the front cover
$8.95 for 12 wings

tony nice ans simple website just the way it should be

Pretty nice! - Hey, where do you get your desserts? I’m considering about the same choices you offer!


Must say it’s one of the better ones I’ve seen.

Great pizza photo. Is it your own or from a photo libary?

An easy to navigate website with everything shown and a continuity of design. Should entice people to order once they see it.

Hope it brings in the rewards to you.


Loved it!!! Not to “Flashy” I hate flash intros. No pop ups, good job! I also think that a couple pictures of your specialties would be a nice touch. As a consumer I like pictures I don’t know why I know what pizza looks like, but darn it all if I don’t like pictures.