My Next Marketing Vehicle (?)

A covered trike:

Slap some logos on one of those and it’d be more of a head turner than a Smartcar for sure.

Only drawback is that it might be classified as a motorcycle in Indiana and would require me to hire marketing team members with motorcycle endorsements to operate it. Although if it turns out not to need a motorcycle license to drive, at $7,000 apiece I could see operating a fleet of company-owned delivery vehicles as a real possibility.

I hope they actually get this to market!

Love it. Need at least one of them. I would make the argument to the state and to my insurance company that this vehicle is closer to being a car than a motorcycle. This delivery vehicle has 50% more wheels than a motorcycle but 75% of the wheels of a standard car.

Nice, I forwarded this to a driver that was looking at a Ford Hybrid ($30,000!!!).

That’s cool… I have 40-50 pizza delivery orders for schools, I’m not sure I could do it all in one trip with this thing, though. Plus I know the lines to get it wrapped will give my graphics guy fits (which means it’ll cost me more). Would certainly turn heads, though.

Yeah, definitely not for big orders:

Interior measurements are as follows:

Headroom: Driver 39.8 Passenger 36.4 in
Seat width: Driver 20.6 Passenger 25.3 in

Interior Shoulder Width: 26.8 in

Front seat Legroom: 42.7 in
Rear seat Legroom: 33.1 in
Probably be lucky to fit a dozen pizzas in bags in there!

spinneria - if this ever becomes available, it won’t be until at least the middle of next year.

You could get a small motorcycle trailer.