Hello Everyone,
i need some help with my Y-600 bakers pride pizza oven, i have a very old bakers pride pizza oven that needs to be repair (burner broke down) if someone know who can do that kind of job please, i’m in houston texas i already contact 2 companies but none of then do that kind of job, if you know somebody please cantact me my e-mail
any advise will be very apreciate, thank you very much!

I know these guys personally and they do work on y600s. They are decent in a pinch. I’m not vouching for them but they eat at my place a lot so I’ll share the love.

Y600 is easy to work on (I do my own repairs) but the pilot safety’s are not made anymore on the oldies. Usually the number one cause of any issue. Not really much else aside from the thermostat that can go wrong with them…