My Vehicle Wrap

I picked up my fully wrapped Scion xB last week. It is already proving to be a great marketing idea. I am getting comments on it everyday. I hope to be able to use is everywhere I would normally just have a banner.(Golf Outings, Fairs, High School Football Games,…)

The custom plates (PZZA BOX) should be here in a few weeks.

Here are the links to some pictures; … 2925-1.jpg … 2928-1.jpg … 2929-1.jpg … C02930.jpg … 2927-1.jpg

  • Crusher

Spectacular!..And I am thinking on your next batch of magnets a custom die cut with a side view of your Scion…And if others are interested, I could do a group order so long as the shape stayed the same…

This is a great idea. I am excited to talk to you about this. I sent you a PM with more details. -Crusher

excellent marketing strategy.If You Dont Mind me asking,what was your cost on wrapping and who did it for you?

I paid $2800 for the design, printing and installation. I found others that could do it for less but did not have the experiance or the warranty as the company I choose. The company is called Complete Vehicle Graphics ( I rolled the whole thing into one vehicle loan and with the bank adding their logo to the back, I got a 1% lower rate and $500 toward the graphics. My montly payment is about what I was paying to be in two yellow page books that I am canceling.


I called a shop last Friday to ask about a wrap. I am going tommorow to let them look at my car and give a quote. Have customers noticed it? Any new faces brought into the shop?


Nice wrap - did you recently buy the XB? Seems that the older style would work better with wraps (like you have).

Is the URL on the wrap correct? I get “not found”.

This one should work…

I think he was refering to the I don’t get anything there either.

It is the older body style, its a 2005. It is a couple hundred less for the installation on a 2007 or older then the 2008 model that is more rounded.

My website is down for a couple days, while I got a new one and canceled the old one a few days too early. It should be up by the end of the week.

Crusher, Looks GREAT . That Scion is the perfect vehicle for that.

Hey, another Scion wrap :slight_smile:

I will tell you this…our franchise has a wrapped Scion, and he has started taking slices to car shows in it, and it really gets attention!

I also have a wrapped Scion xB!! I got it done a few years ago and it’s been a great advertising resource. (I’m not sure how to post an image right now or I would.) Besides driving around town, it’s also fun in parades.

One great thing I’ve also done is gotten into the local regional Scion community online and offered my restaurant as a destination for a Scion Pizza Run. Scion people from all over the region have driven hundreds of miles (in a long, long line of Scions of every sort) to come have pizza and socialize. So far there have been three runs, and there is talk of having it annually. Also, anytime any Scion owner is in the neighborhood, they stop in for pizza!!

My big plans to use the vehicle as a catering van for events hasn’t happened yet but it’s in my “to do” list. It’s got such a great rear hatch door (especially if you’re short) that you really don’t need awnings or tents.

Worked for me. Lot’s of pictures.