naked wings help

I am going to start selling wings, I am going to use naked frozen raw wings. Can you fry them frozen and do you have to thaw them out. What temp shoud I fry them at and for how long ? Also after they are done cooking do I dip them in butter and then hot sauce or combine the butter and hot sauce in one bowl together. Do you have to melt the butter first or does anyone use a liquid butter and if so what kinds tastes good. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Kel

You can cook them frozen but they cook faster thawed, we fry them at 350 degree’s and as for as how long that depends on the size, you can temp them. They need to be at 165 degree’s, You can use real butter, you might want to soften the butter so you can premix it with the hot sauce, or you could use wirl

I would say thaw them. You will be amazed with how much water and blood comes out of them when they are thawed, and you don’t want that going in the fryer. Of course they will cook much faster as well. I agree with the 350 degree cooking temp as well, I have always had the most luck with canola oil or peanut oil, but peanut oil is expensive. I always cooked them until they floated (they are pretty much cooked at this point) and then I would let them go for a couple more minutes just to really crisp up the skin. I would add the butter to the sauce in order to reduce the number of steps for your cook to make an order. I always liked the liquid “butter” because it is easy and helps the sauce stay thicker to stick to the wings more, but the real deal is hard to beat on taste. Good luck!