Napics & Pizza Pizzazz

Anyone going this year? Anyone competing?

I procrastinated until the last minute and faxed my entries in today for the pizza competitions. I was surprised that space was available in both the Gourmet and Traditional still. Makes me wonder if the economy is duffing the attendance this year?

Anyone attending in 2011?

I’ll be there. First time for me!

We really enjoyed NAPICS last year, lots of good seminars and tons of vendors to walk through. This year with the Pub going full tilt we’ll not be able to get away. Hopefully we’ll be able to schedule some down time next time around though.

we are going to Napo, mostly because its Vegas baby and I need a vacation

Are you trying to imply that spending a few days and nights in lovely and exciting Columbus, OH doesn’t qualify as a vacation???

lol yes Columbus doesnt compare to Vegas!!! I am going to NAPICS only because cant break away from shop this year for Vegas. It has been great the last couple years in Columbus with the show but far cry from vegas night life…but we do have some good poker clubs in the area now!

Actually we too have been tossing around going to this show. We’ve never been to Columbus and never been to this show, but have been to the “big dance” in Vegas a couple of times. The only thing we’re not too keen on is the weather in Ohio in February, as we really don’t like cold or snow. We also are looking at it as a few days away from the shop and a much needed mini vacation. What’s there to do in Columbus?

Well, I hear if you’re a heavy metal guitarist, it’s better to stay off the stage while you’re there.