Anyone offering “race day” specials? We’re about an hour from Pocono Raceway, where there are 2 Nascar Races during the season. I’m wondering how well a “Win 2 tix to the race” promotion would work. We’ll distribute entry forms only on Race Day (Saturdays and Sundays Feb-Nov). Tix are $45 each for decent seats. Also thinking about running combos that are only available if a race is on.

I don’t know much about the popularity of racing. IMHO, watching people drive around in circles is a huge waste of my time :wink:

I could also use this during football season. We’re also an hour away from Philly and winning a pair of Eagles tix may do well.

Studies show NASCAR fans to be one of the most loyal consumer groups out there, not to mention it’s the largest spectator sport in America.

One of my first stores was in Dover, De, another race track town.

Many of them follow the circuit and drive all over to each race. You probably have a decent amount of locals that go to your race every time it’s in town.

One of the best things is that the die-hards are there for about 4 days or more prior to the race and it’s party central for them. They don’t just dabble with a few items they order large amounts!!

Many of them will order big on friday for the rest of the weekend as they don’t want to leave the track nor get DUI’s (yay)

We just signed up for the Direct TV nascar special so people will come in and watch it on the big screen on Sundays, and we’ll need it once football is over this weekend :cry: