National chain going to frozen dough -- who?

I was looking for dough sheeters on ebay and found that they say a national chain has decided to use frozen dough and don’t need their sheeters anymore. Does anyone know which chain this might be?

Seems extremely odd to me.

Pizza Hut gave up mixers & sheeters yrs ago…their NY pizza is a par-bake I believe, as well as their 'zones…

Donnato’s uses frozen/sheeted dough

I can not answer that skill testing question but after tasting the pizza I ordered last night perhaps my local indy might switch…At least then the product produced would be consistent…Last night’s effort was very bad…Something was obviously missing from the crust…RCS…

I’ve seen a guy in line at my post office a few times now, with box after box after box all labelled as being Pizza Hut NY Crusts. He’s getting them from the back of their store I guess, and using them to supply his e-bay business with free packaging!

Pizza Hut’s dough has been frozen for years. You might find a pizza Hut here and there still on thin and pan premix, my store was. But that is a rare find. Pizza Hut’s thin dough isn’t par baked, it is pre sheeted and fits perfectly in the pan once thawed. frozen dough does have it’s perks, the most obvious one is less labor. You don’t have to spend all that time mixing, cutting and sheeting dough. But one of the down sides, especially with their pan dough is if you run out and you don’t have any dough prep done for the next day… that is if you haven’t panned any dough to use for the next day… you’re gonna be out for a while. The thin dough can be thawed pretty quickly in a pinch, but their hand tossed and pan dough take a long time. Papa Johns says they use fresh dough, it could be them that is going to frozen dough.

I hope they all go frozen. Just one more point of differentiation!

pizza hut uses frozen dough for everything. even the NY pizza.

The other big chains i can think of that do frozen is Fox’s and donatos. Could be wrong on Fox’s , but managed at other 2.

have not eaten at some of the top 20 tho. so can only answer for those.

Pizza Magia also used to do frozen dough too. I’m not sure about Little Caesars. Many of the chains have found it necessary to go with frozen dough of one type or another due to liability issues, cost of putting together and equipping (how many???) kitchens, and then just think about how you would train all of those crews to make the SAME product at hundreds of stores. I know what the challange is in trying to train just a few people for one store, let alone hundreds/thousands.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor