National Hotel Guides screwed me!

This is a company that provides TV Channel stands to be put in Hotel rooms. Just wanted to post my experience with this company before someone else gets burned. The funny thing is they fulfilled the bulk of the contract then just dissapeared. Between 4 stores, probably had a $10,000 account and flaked out on about 2K of it. I am thrilled by the return I have gotten from the ads, and would have spent alot more advertising with this company. Anyway, the company is owned by Mark Walters and operates out of Ohio and South Carolina. If he comes looking for your business, kick him out of your store. Maybe get an extra kick for me! :lol:

let me find a number for a guy that I met at the pizza convention.
he can save you thousands
he charges a 1 time fee, not a reoccuring like they others
I will dig it out and the info for you
we have 16 hotels near us and used him on 4 that gave us permission to be in the room.

hey, did you ever find the info on the guy from the expo? i’d like to check out the service too…thanks!

hey here he is, 877-358-5335 jls marketing group