National media exposure opportunity!

My PR company was contacted by a major national magazine. They’re doing a piece on the increasing demand for gourmet pizza. Specifically, for this article they’re interested in pizzerias that are using unusual ingredients, like wild boar, venison, rare seafood, etc. We do have a few items like that on our Limited Edition menu, but they wouldn’t run an article on just one place. If fit the profile and interested, please let me know and I’ll forward your info to my PR guy. Cheers!

If I remember correctly @bodegahwy puts game on their pizzas.

We have Wild Boar, Elk and Jackalope (Antelope & Rabbit) and Pheasant on the menu.

In the past we have also had Buffalo, Trout, Alligator and Rattlesnake.

In season we have fresh sockeye salmon and sweet corn off the cob.

When we opened 18 years ago we had smoked trout on pizza. Elk and Boar have been the longest running at about 10 years.

Great! I’ll forward your info to my PR company. My understanding is that this is for Forbes online. About 30M readers. Keeping my fingers crossed.

We do a Creamy Butter Chicken Pizza, Tandoori Chicken, Etc. (Intersection of Pizza and Indian/Ethnic Flavors).

I’ll forward your info as well. Thanks!

I’m sorry, what’s the name of your place?

It’s on my sig

I know. I’ve already sent your info over. I was asking Pizza Ninja.