National pizza day

Are any of you doing any specials this year being that it’s on a Saturday? One pizzeria in our area is doing a 2 for 1 special but I think that’s crazy. They don’t deliver we are a delco.

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We will be on Fox news Friday morning to preview National Pizza Day. That brings in lots of new customers. Our policy is never have any specials./coupons. We prefer to march to our own drum and use free media exposure as our draw for new customers. :slight_smile: Walter

We will be doing a similar promotion to what we did last year. 50% off online pizzas ordered. Build your own, not specialties. We had a great day last year with this, got buried. We did not advertise it until the day of and will do the same this year as to not hurt sales leading up to it.

Here is the news segment on us for National Pizza Day. I was up at 6am to get pizzas ready and will get done tonight at 10pm with a half hour break in between (as I type) Our lunch was double normal. Diner should be interesting. Good thing I am doing this while still a young man as I bake every pie and do prep as well (61 years young) :slight_smile:

Nice segment good for you Walter pizzas look delicious

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