National Retail Supply Paper Scam

OK, they got me again.

About every two years the paper scammers manage to get a new employee on the phone and have them “confirm” an order for cash register tape and other products at about 8X the regular price.

They ship this stuff to you… I guess a substantial number of folks just pay the bill and never realize they were ripped off. If you notice that this was stuff you never ordered and ask to return it, they say “sure, you pay the freight and a re-stocking fee”.

When you tell them kiss your keester and either send a call tag or come get the stuff in some other way, but no way you are going to pay, they threaten to take you to collection.

In my experience, with these companies, I have had to take the matter to the state attorney general and the BBB each time to get them to back off. For years, these outfits were clustered around Niagra Fall in upstate New York. The last one we saw was in Florida.

Yesterday I opened the mail and got an invoice from an outfit called “National Retail Supply” based in Pittsburg. It seems they called the store and asked for the owner’s name (me). A week or so later, they called again and asked for me by name, then, since I was not there, asked my employee to “confirm the shipping address” for an order I had placed (Which I never did, I have never even spoken to anyone at this outfit) and shipped off about $30 worth of stuff we can’t use and invoiced us $300 for it.

So… keep an eye out for this Cr@p and train your employee not to confirm ANYTHING.

I thought this scam was snuffed out years ago. Bummer.

I wouldn’t worry about them trying to collect. There’s no way any of these guys want to be caught in a courtroom. Someone posted a letter from a state attorney general many years back who had issued a summons for the guy who runs these operations. Mentioning that letter immediately got them to stop calling me - I wish I could find it again.

I actually love these guys. I’ve gotten several cases of free paper from them over the years. When they call I tell them to send a prepaid UPS slip so I can return their crap. After that I never respond to them again and keep the paper. Is it wrong? I don’t think so… I know darn well they’re trying to scam me so I don’t care of they’re out their product.

They threaten to send it to a collection agent. They never will, but who cares if they do? Garbage like this won’t affect your credit ratings. They don’t even have a credit application for our business and therefore have no information about us. You may get a few calls from a collection agent. I look forward to that, because I’ll make the collection agent cry before we get off the phone.

“National Retail Supply”, if you’re reading this, thanks for the free paper! Jack*sses!

I tell everyone that absolutely NO personal information is to be given over the phone to ANYONE. Including owners/managers names or anything at all! - for this very reason.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve answered the phone and the person says “Can I speak to Jack, the owner?” - knowing that Jack is not the name of the owner, hoping to be corrected. It sort of stuns them when I say “jack is not here, can I take a message?” - they don’t know what to say.

These people are social engineers - big time. They know how to solicit information.

love it!

Went to the BBB site to file a complaint. When I entered the phone number for these birds, turns out that they also have an address in Lake Champlain… imagine that, the same upstate NY cr@p all along.

Package came FedEx yesterday. Open it up and see 3 boxes on thermal paper and a box of “cleaning cards.” Guess who it was from… How is this still a thing?

SUGGESTION: PMQ, write an article explaining how these unsolicited goods are actually a free gift according to the FTC. You would be performing a wonderful service for our industry and cutting off the funds these crooks receive from confused/intimidated honest business men and women. Also, I’d love to read the results of your attempts to interview these people.

A few years back they got one of our managers on this same scam but it was for a $100 First Aid kit that may have been worth $10. I forget the name of the company but we also did get hit with the thermal paper rolls. Again, they got a manager to tell them what size we used and they showed up with an invoice.

Another scam is the “workman’s comp posters” They want to sell you laminated posters for about $80. Make sure you train your people. This cr@p comes around every year or two.

I print all the required posters from the various agencies websites

I will admit that over the years we also got printer paper, light bulbs, TONER out the A$$!!! Even with the office people trained they all still came.

Now Pizza Buddies… Do we have this companies owners name and warehouse address that is 100% confirmed. I would like to order them a few semi loads of shipping boxes for all of their increase in sales. Can a few of you confirm the mfg of the boxes with codes and sizes please? Also, maybe we slightly adjust their standard box size to help pkg single rolls of thermal tape? I mean… a few hundred thousand 4"x4" boxes??? Billed to their account…or cod from whomever we can get this from?

I filed a report with the F.T.C. They don’t handle individual complaints, but if enough people burned by this file then maybe we can get them to turn some attention to this company.

Anyways, here is a nice page to print out and fax back to them: … pply-scams

Immediately after doing that they called back to say they were “zeroing out” our balance. They must get plenty of people to pay them though - I feel bad for the guys falling for this and feeling bullied into paying.

What the heck, they stumbled across a new manager and sent 2 cases of paper (24 rolls) to my new store. Only $197.00 this time!

This batch is from National Paper Supply in FL, not National Retail Supply in PA… keeping track of these scammers is getting confusing.

sigh I’ll file another FTC complaint. Anyone know if the FL Attorney General is a real go-getter when it comes to scams or not?