National Systems POS

I have been using National Systems for the last 13 years. It has been great but there is no interenet ordering capabilities, no email address integration for marketing and flat out no new updates in several years. Im thinking of switching to Speedline or Revention. Just wondering if there are any National Systems users feeling the same frustration?

We also have used National Systems for years, since probably around 1995 or so. They do have new systems available but they are costly and you are still stuck using their equipment with their firmware installed. Thats the main reason we are getting ready to switch because we are tired of being tied down to their hardware equipment. One of our newer stores has their newer system installed with touch screens and it seems to be pretty decent and reliable, it’s been in the store about 2 years. We just tried their new beta version of a completely new software package they have out and we were on with tech support for a total of about 40 hours in a 2 month span and still never got it to function correctly. We ended up sending the whole entire system back. The tech guy we dealt with is awesome but the sales guy is another story. The vice president who we ended up talking to when we sent the system back was also a good guy, so I wont bad mouth them, but make sure you dont get their beta version if you decide to stick with them and not go with someone else. We still have 5 stores with the older systems installed but I think in the next 1-2 years we will be phasing them out. We are looking at Point of Success right now because they are so flexible with the hardware but we are not 100% sure which direction we will go.

I recently heard National Systems is no longer selling POS systems and they are focusing only on their online ordering biz. I ended up going with Revention and am very happy.

I started using National Systems in 1993. I also tried to upgrade to their touch screen beta version. They couldn’t get it to work after we installed it. From what I was able to see, if they could of gotten it to work, it would of been a good system and the easiest way to upgrade. They did refund my money. My sales rep was very helpful. National Systems said they were no longer going to sell POS systems.
I went to the pizza expo this year and spent 2 days looking at new systems. I liked Prism and Revention. I bought the Revention system. Gave them $15,000.00 down. Revention has not been able to get their system to work with my pricing. On Revention’s system, level two pricing will not work using both delivery pricing and carryout pricing. In my pricing we offer single and double pizza pricing for both pick up and delivery. They also had problems with their Internet ordering because of the same problem. Revention didn’t seem to want to write the code to make it work with my pricing. I am waiting to see how long it will take for them to send my money back. Funny thing is that my sales rep from National Systems went to work for Revention and is my sales rep for Revention.
I am now looking back to the Prism system. The sales rep from Prism told me that Revention’s system would not do my pricing. Revention promised me they could. I guess I should of listened to Prism. To be fair, the sales rep from Prism did not give me the attention I needed at the show. If he had, I probably would of went with Prism.
I will give you updates on my progress finding a new system that works and how long it took me to get my money back from Revention.

I’m not sure of your pricing system but I will give Prism a big thumbs up. I replaced my Vital Link system with Prism last spring and had two small issues that I couldn’t resolve with tech support. When I saw my sales rep at Expo I brought these issues up and now both are fixed. I would strongly recommend you look further into Prism.

Revention called me today and said they wanted to write the code that will make their system work with my pricing. Talked to sales rep and they need 60 days to make the changes. Changes should allow the system to look at three level pricing for both pick up and delivery. For anyone looking for a system that uses three level pricing for both pick up and delivery I will keep you updated. Also said it would take 120 days to have Internet ordering working with this pricing.
Will give them the time they asked for. Hope all works out.
Check back in a few weeks for updates.

My experience with Revention is that if they say they are going to do it they do.

How about an update? Has Revention come through with what they promised?

Revention came thought with what they promised. We did the install this week and it went very well. So far the system is everything I was hoping for. Order taking is very fast and easy to teach. Almost finished entering inventor and recipes information. Was very easy to enter but a little time consuming. I like what I have seen so far.
I would highly recommend Revention to anyone. I only wish I would of thrown out that old National System pos sooner. For all you National System users give Rob Fain a call at Revention. He will take good care of you.

Don’t waste anymore time with National Systems. I have spent many hours comparing systems. Revention wins hands down. used National since 1993. Changing to revention was the best thing I ever did.

I second that