Neapolitan pizza base

Are we allowed to call our pizza base Neapolitan
Or would we have to combine it with any other words like (thin crust Neapolitan)

Neapolitan-style should work.

Allowed as in you think you might be breaking a law?..

Maybe it is a trade mark, or you may have to be a certified member to use it.

I think you will find it is a protected name under the Italian trade commerce that was introduce a few years ago. To name it this you have to have the products from Italy that were grown in certain regions etc.
I know the Italians are fiercely protective of their iconic names and have prosecuted many over this issue.

I thought so, I might just use thin and crispy, or thin and crispy neapolitan style, to describe my pizza base, what do you think guys


Doesn’t whatever trademark or patent protection they have extend only to the VPN designation? (I think those are the right letters).

I too think we’re talking about the VPN designation…but yield to those much wiser than I. Besides…would one care if it’s an ITALIAN regulation? That’s for those in Italy to be bothered with yes?

There are certainly treaties among countries that honor some commercial trademarks, etc, just check out the EVO mayhem.

But, I just thought to check the Bonici line, from Tyson. They freely call both a thin and thicker crust Neapolitan, no modifiers involved.And you’d think the VPN folks would be critical of a par-bake situation! if they could.

Are you referring to these guys?