Neapolitan Pizzeria Start Up

I’m in the process of opening a pizzeria and would love any guidance those who own and operate their own place can provide. I will be using a wood fire oven (still deciding on make and model) and my menu will focus solely on the Neapolitan style pizza. For those who own this style of pizzeria, can you provide a list of the necessary equipment, where I should purchase mu oven, consultant options, and anything else you believe is vital info for a start up of this kind. Thanks for your help!

Have you any experience in authentic Neo pizza? Did you get certified?

I want to hear the sigh when the people that say Grande is expensive get a look at the cost to bring in the Mozz Di Bufala! :shock:

When I lived in Italy, it was right on the Appian Way, deep in buffalo mozz country. A lot of places told me that buffalo mozz is never used on pizza because it is best eaten raw. Fior di latte was used on pizza.
But, from reading, I guess places DO use buffalo was well.