Need a 30qt or 40qt mixer . . . OKAY 60 qt

In the most absurd of circumstances, I find myself in need of a commercial mixer. I intend to make 25lb flour bag batches of dough. 50lb may be too big, as I don’t need a 60qt . . . unless someone convinces me otherwise.

Looking at a 14" and 12" pie . . . . maybe a 10". Possibly 150 pies in biggest shift. That would be a full three batches of dough for a huge Friday night. Best guess right now.

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I have a 40 quart thunderbird mixer that I would gladly sale. Only problem is there is no way the mixer can handle a 25 pound bag of flour. Long story short I should have bought a 60 quart mixer from the beginning and I have now done so. The 40 quart thunderbird has been used less than 6 months and is in great shape, if you are any one else is interested please send me an email.

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If you find a 60qt for a good price, you can mix 25Lbs of flour in it. And it gives you room to grow.

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Go with a 60-quart. You won’t regret the move. The mixer will handle your doughs much more easily (literal translation: lower operating cost, fewer repairs) and as the others have so correctly put it, you will have room to grow with it.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

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I’ve been mixing 25lbs of flour in a hobart 30 quart for 2 years

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So, anyone got a 60qt mixer for sale?

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Not mine, but a good price. Don’t know if a hobart bowl will fit it.

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Don’t know anything about Champion mixers, but I’ve sure sent a message asking them questions. could be a little gem for this project.

Still taking any pointers and tip offs from others!

Is EuroDib a brand anyone is familiar with? See a used B60F single phase really clean 60qt that I could get under $5000 delivered from a used equip shop. Price is good, but a good price on a flimsy mixer is lame.

There will be a bunch of used Hobarts for $5000 close to where you’re at. Is single phase a requirement?

If single phase is not a requirment, you can find a new spiral mixer for that price.

Although I’ve owned & love spiral mixers, ya can’t process cheese on most of them…

I’m actually closing my doors on June 1. I’ve got a 60 QT Anvil I’d sell. It handles 25# batches pretty easily. Only problem is that I’m in Oregon so shipping would need to be figured in.

Nick, I have a 3 phase Hobart H-600T 1.5 Hp the unit is in great condition, the bowl is needing to be redone, and I’ll get you a new hook for it. I am 4 hours south of you, I may even be able to deliver it. The price is 3500.00. If you or anyone else is interested and would like pictures you can e-mail me