Need A Beginners Guide to Pizza Dough Making/Storage/Prep

When bought our first shop a few years ago, it was operational and already had a system to how to make and store our braided pizza crusts. As we’re growing in our new place, I’m wanting to revisit our process to see if there is a better way (mostly to save cooler space and labor of doing several small batches).

Right now, the system calls for all dough balls to be formed, then rolled out on pans and stored on racks as needed. I’d like to see how most of you do your process where you are storing the dough in balls instead of already rolled out.

Click on the Dough Info Center on the PMQ homepage and watch all 4 parts of Tom’s “How to make pizza dough” videos. Not only does Tom look hot in a hairnet but it takes you through all the basic steps of dough making from mixing to rolling them out. It was and still is a great starting point for anyone interested in how dough is made. Then adjust for your needs or send him an email as he is always there to help those that ask!!!

Thanks. I looked through that section but must have missed that link.

Indie… on the left side of the PMQ homepage. About halfway down is listed “Dough Information Center”… click and the new page has a small video image that says “popular pizza videos”… under that image are 3 listed videos… the last being the link to “How to make pizza dough” Part 1a, 1b, 2, & 3.