Need a good Network forum... anyone know one?

Yes, all the PC’s run to the database on the server (Diamond Touch POS)

And yes, i was planning on getting a large switch like you posted, but read somewhere (i’ll have to find it again) that it “should” run even quicker if only the POS PC’s are on a single switch, and keep the other internet items on a seperate switch.

Is there any logic behind that?

All in all, even with the setup the way it is now, i dont see why the slow down is occuring at all. By the theory I stated above, PC2 and 3 should’nt get “slow” because they are already on the same switch.

I’m trying to figure out if there is some type of issue with the server becoming BUSY… but I can never find anything in the Processes that would explain it when the slow-down is occuring.


With the amount of traffic you are looking at I don’t really see any need to separate the internet stuff from the POS stuff on the switch. They can handle a lot.

Since the server still works okay during the slowdown, it has to be something related to the shared drive. It’s possible that one of your interconnected switches is having an intermittent problem - that why I suggest you go ahead an eliminate that as a problem - especially since it doesn’t really cost that much to do it.

Then, after changing the switch, if the problem continues, we can take it from there.

alright, i’ll go get a larger switch and run everything to it.

heres another question for you. They have the standard 10/100 switches but it seems they just came out with the new 10/1000 switches. Of course the faster the better, but i’m not sure which (if any) of my PC’s support 1000megs over the network.

How do you check to see the speed of the network cards? All the PC’s are using the motherboards on-board networking cards


Ok, here is what i’ve come up with so far.

I’m looking at the following Unmanaged Switches:

  1. TRENDnet - TEG-S80TXE … pNo=626930

  2. Netgear - GS608 … No=1032921

  3. Linkskey LKS-SG8P … No=3350633

I can’t seem to find any decent reviews about any of these…

Which would be the best to worst?

Also, here is how it will be setup

and (if i can get another question in) is this the best WiFi router for my situarion, it is only for customer use but I don’t want them to be able to get into my Wired Network.

Thanks again