Need a good pizza sauce

I just recently purchased a pizza shop. I do have all the receipes the owner used. But for some reason the sauce does not taste the same as the owner made… I have tried so many things to get it the same way but nothing… So I figure if I cant make it the same just change the sauce… So does anyone have a good sauce recipe… I use Saportio heavy Pizza sauce.

Please help Im about to open the store in 2 weeks


 Try this out:

Hope this helps. -J_rokk

that recipe from Tom Lehmann, is excellent, he made it last year at the AIB pizza week, and it taste superb
you could use that and have satisfied customers

if you want to develop your own sauce, start with whole or peeled fresh pak fresh tomatoes and lightly season to your taste, traditional seasonings being oregano, basil, salt, black pepper, and many other seasonings out there.

start lightly, and with just a few, you can use Tom Lehmann’s sauce as a guide as to how much…do not put too much, you can go “overboard” easily.

some discriminating taste prefer straight crushed tomatoes, they can salt and pepper and add to them as they like…get the drift rom that, you can always add

but the main stream is acustom to some seasoning, so obliging the public seems better

I hope that helps, I know it really helped when it dawned on me,

and you end up with your unique sauce,


I agree about Tom’s recipe, it is pretty darn good. Start from there and work it into your very own masterpiece!