Need a little guidance regarding cookware washing.

My partner and I are in the plan development stage for our pizza bar, and in doing so a few concerns were raised when we met with our contractor.

One area was the space needed for our washline. We currently have plans for the 3 compartment sink with a drainboard feeding into a stand-up commercial dishwasher.

Our contractor said this setup wouldn’t work because the pizza pans wouldn’t fit into the washer. I said that we didn’t need to wash the pans in the washer, we could do those by hand.

I’m in Florida, and I understand that each State may be different…but can you give me your views on the whole wash process you use? Do you wash your pans by hand? What type of washer do you use? Etc…

Finally, if you’re in Florida…could you point me in the general direction where I can find the code on this?

Thanks for your help.

I’m in Fla…

You prob can’t have your d/w “drain” into the 3-comp sink…

Your sink s/b installed flush against the wall & caulked…

The d/w might be aligned in an L-shaped fashion, with its entry table next to the sink, with the exit away from the sink…

A hand wash sink is still in order, next to the triple sink…

You might also consider a produce sink (keeps BPR happy)

Don’t forget your mop sink & grease trap…

Your plans must be approved by the planning & review board (allow 30 days) b4 you can get your license…apply for your license when you drop off your plan 4 review…they will forward a ltr 2 you, then you can apply for your license…

Do you wash your pans in the sink or dishwasher? If you use a dishwasher, what’s the biggest size pan you use and make and model of dishwasher?

Thx for your help.

sheet pans can be run thru an “open-style” conveyor d/w…but not if they are well soiled - then it is best to wash them in the hand sink…unless your d/w holds a “double rack” you won’t be able to run sheet pans thru them (in most models)

Other pots & pans can be run thru the d/w, but, again, well soiled ones s/b pre-soaked prior running thru the d/w…

the whole idea of a triple sink is to be able to wash ALL your items…but it is not practical to wash serving dishes in that manner, nor does the BPR really like that method, but 4 pots/pans, thats o.k.

other pans, like those you might cook pizza in, can be washed either method

So, it’s “legal” to wash everything in the dishwasher except the pans?

you must have a triple sink to meet code…you can wash everything that fits in your d/w - but remember there are 2 types of d/w - the one that uses a higher temp of water vrs a low-temp does a better job, but costs more…full sheet pans rarely fit in most d/w

We’re going with the low temp washer, and our pans wont fit in it. I have a call in to the state to get confirmation but you’ve been a great help.

Our contractor must be confused…he was trying to tell us everything had to be done in the washer.

The purpose of the triple sink is to wash rinse and sanitize. You do not need to have an automatic dishwasher for the kitchen dishes. Here you are only required to have a dishwasher for the dishes the customers use.

In Fla, you can wash your dishes in a triple sink, but is “frowned” upon by BPR and a real hassle in the long run

Your contractor is definatly wrong, as I have no dishwasher in Florida, just the 3 comp sink.

Where you at in G’ville? I’m up there a lot…especially during the Fall. :slight_smile:


I’m at Five Star Pizza on Tower Road just south of Newberry RD. Feel free to stop in after any games you attend. I can always use a hand!!!

This may help, at least gives you some contact #'s to get the correct answer. … ixed.shtml

Hello pie , No state will allow a dishwasher to drain off into a 3 bin sink.Can’t you have it drain off into the sewer line/drain pipe itself? I would personally wash the pie pans by hand which only takes a few min.


Hey Pie,

We wash our pans in the 3-bay sink.

Also, forget about what the contractor says and get down to the health dept and ask them face to face and have them sign on it. I can’t tell you how many times they get a new hiree that thinks they know the code and give you wrong info. That costs money and money is dear with starting a biz.

In ny, i was able to get a 3 bay sink, without drain boards as long as i had a 3 shelf rolling cart for soiled dishes (preferable because you can place more soiled items than on a drain board) and 2 shelves directly above for draining (again preferable because you can drain the whole store :wink: ).

Think efficiency and be creative so that you can meet your needs and those of the health departments. Good Luck :!:

Thx guys…I got an answer from the department…and yeah, youre right in that I don’t NEED to have a commercial washer. It’s more of a convenience thing. As long as I have a 3-compartment sink and follow the proper procedures for washing and sanitizing I’ll be ok.

And I was never gonna have the washer drain into the sink, sorry if I was unclear on that.