Need a name for a 27" PIZZA

Any ideas on what to call our new 27" pizza I would like some sort
of a italian theme to it about the only one I can think of is GRANDE
thanks in advance …Tony

Few ideas, try this site:

Will translate English to italian. Here’s a few I like:

Massiccio - “Massive”


Enorme - “Enormous”

Capo Grande ‘The Big Chief’

So do I get one of these pizzas free if you use the idea?

Massiccio— I like this one as well.

That’s one “big ass pizza”. Why don’t you name it that?

set the toppings out as the continents on a world map and call it “Pizza Planet” (you’ve got the whole world in your hands)
I know its a stupid idea

That could be a theme for a whole restaurant…

Or of course the previously mentioned “big ass pizza!”

The franchise store I own is known for our 24" pizza. It has 16 slices each one is a foot long! I even came up with a top ten list of things people say when they first see it. It is a little risque’ but all of the things mentioned I have PERSONALLY heard from a customer! I wanted to put them on t-shirts and have our crew wear them, but the franchisor is more worried about us trying to be the “cadillac of pizza” and shot me down, so feel free to use away!

Top Ten Things said about Toarminas Pizza

  1. Oh my God, It’s HUGE!
  2. It’s as big as a Wagon Wheel!
  3. That’s the biggest pizza I have ever seen!
  4. That is the Big Daddy of Pizza!
  5. Can I have a Diet Pop with that?
  6. I wish my rims were 24â€

“The John Holmes Special”

haha…john holmes. That’s a good one…if you ever heard of Moe’s, they have funny names like that for their products. Some other good ones named after recognizables could be:

The Newman (from seinfeld)
The Godfather
Fat Bastard (Austin Powers)

I just hope they don’t have one named after Goldmember! I know it would have a flaky crust that is for sure!!!

Belly Buster

How about something simple like ‘The Big One’

How about “The Obese One” or “The Obeser”.

Failing that you could call it “Death by Pizza” or as John Holmes would have called it, “My Size” :lol:

I think my favorite is the Belly Buster! Good one Guest whoever you are.

how about the 27"ITALIAN STALLION

“The Monster”

Whatever you name it you should do a special promotion for it. Have T-shirts and bumperstickers made, and take the winners picture and put it on the wall of fame.

For what? Why, for eating the whole thing with the works in under an hour by yourself!