Need a new company for my mailers

I have been using a really good company for about 3 years now and they are starting to jerk me around.

I need a price on some 8.5x11 mailers full color, with an all inclusive price. I was paying 24.5 cents total with everything but they jacked up the prices on me and it really upset me, i always was loyal to them and payed them lots of money. Like 20k+ in mailers last year with 2 stores.

Can anyone come close to thier price of 24.5 each?

I’ve always had great experience with

They have digital proofs and a really competitive price. I suggest requesting a free sample pack to see some of their quality and printing capabilities.

Joker- I used cfm. My menus came out perfect and the mailing has been going well. Give them a ca, they are a pleasure to deal with. My menu is gorges