Need a new mixer ASAP

Our old trustworthy Hobart A200 just died. We had a local shop take a look at it and their telling us the gears need to be replaced and their willing to do it for $2,500. This mixer is old and I believe already reconditioned so we’re thinking about buying another reconditioned mixer with less time on it. Does anyone know where we can pick one up QUICKLY in the Mass or RI areas?

I buy my equipment on Craigslist when time allows. In a pinch, try a few restaurant equipment dealers. You might consider getting a larger model-30 or 60 quart. Hobart will tell you the A200 isn’t made for pizza dough. I do use 2-A200’s for my mobile pizza business but only because of the weight factor when transporting. Also, our dough has a high hydration factor and were doing small batches at low volume.

We’re very limited in terms of space. We were doing several small batches per week with the current A200.

Are most people buying reconditioned mixers?

I buy used and can get A200’s for $1,000 via Craigslist on the West coast. You might want to bring a batch of stiff dough and toss it in to see if the gears slip or the gears/motor are loud. Dealers in my area want about $1,500 but this includes a 30 day warranty. A used equipment dealer with 30 day warranty might be the way to go given the tight timeline. In my area, some dealers are known as relatively honest(we often term them the honest crooks) and others will tell you anything to make a sale(these are crooked crooks). A200’s are relatively common so you should be able to track down a few. I don’t think the volume your doing would justify purchasing a new mixer.

Does anyone have any experience with Globe mixers?

Hey Alb…I sent you a PM. Seeing that you are new…I thought I would tell you that here. I thought a call or email to George Mills would be useful. He might have some reconditioned units available right now or even know of units for sale in your area. Best of luck.

George Mills:

We just bought a 30 quart globe and so far its been great

Super quite plenty of power. I got the 1.5 HP model so its fine for tough pizza dough
Some people hate on the globe mixers but so far mines been great. We mix about 150 lbs of dough a day in it

i picked up an awesome hobart 60qt limited edition on ebay from this dealer in RI

Marco from North American Restaurant Equipment

Highly recommend