Need a new oven or an additional oven any advice!

I currently have Middleby Marshall PS200 gas which is double stack. The ovens work good, but I am concerned about their age and at times we have problems keeping up with the orders, ie the ovens are completely full and orders waiting. We bake the pizzas for 8 minutes at 470 degrees.

I am considering a new double stack oven or adding a third oven.

What ovens would you recommend?

I have a huge kitchen and hood so floor space is not a factor.

Hi pizza duo:

As usual I recommend the XLT specifically the 3270 model a double set could produce, for instance,
130 sixteen inch pizzas per hour at your 8 minute bake. I would believe you might be able to cut your bake time to 6 minutes and produce 194 16 in. That has been our experience when replacing MM ovens with XLT but you never know until you try. If your sales continue to climb you can add a third deck on top of the others. Note those figures are maximum production utilizing all space in the oven during the hour described.

Or you could use the double XLT 3255 oven and get maximum production of 102 Per hour. at 8 minutes

The maximum production on your 200s is 76 of the 16 in pies per hour again utilizing all oven space during that hour. All baking space is usually not utilized as some space is often left between pizzas that cuts production
For more Information on the XLT ovens visit the web site

George Mills


A new LC’s moved in near where I reside and they are using double wide XLT’s. I have to say the product is superior to other LCs using older MMs or other ovens. They seem able to pump out production with only two chains and for how cheap they are on cheese, the quality was shockingly good.

My kiddo loves their crazy bread, sometimes we run by and grab a bag on its own they are doing such a good job.

Hi Pizzaain Az

I appreciate your comments.

It was my pleasure to bring Little Creasers into the XLT fold. I think their success with the $5.00 pizza is owed in no little way to the, as you indicate, superior performance of the XLT ovens.

George Mills

I’ve been doing more work lately with the XLTs and I’m betting that he will find that the 3270 will enable him to cut his baking time down to a little under 6-minutes, and depending upon his dough and toppings, it could even approach the 5-minute mark. Gosh! I never thought I’d hear myself saying those words, as everyone knows, I’m not an advocate of fast baking pizzas, but these “new generation” air impingement ovens are just so efficient when it comes to heat transfer that they really do allow you to bake faster, and better than ever before.
We just finished baking both thin and thick crust (pan style) pizzas side by side, at the same time and temperature and finger profile in these ovens with both pizzas perfectly baked. We also got adventuresome and went from plain cheese to as many as 8 or 9 different toppings with lots of veggies included, and ran these through the ovens in a random manner as they would be in a store on a busy Friday night. All of the pizzas were again perfectly baked (mind you, thin and thick crust, pan style, baked side by side). Want to know what I thought the best part was? Not a “swamp pizza” in the bunch! Every pizza was dry on top. The pans that we have been using are the Lloyd Pans Hearth Bake Disks for the thin crusts and their black anodized deep-dish pans for the thick crusts. I can’t say that things will work out this well for everyone, but I can assure you that the potential is certainly there with these ovens.
Please excuse me if I sound like I’m singing to the choir, but these new ovens are just so much better than anything we’ve ever had before, makes me curious as to what exciting new tricks the oven manufacturers are going to come up with next.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Tom, what kind of finger setup did you have on those?

This is just for the new, high efficiency ovens: Full open across the bottom and on the top, if four fingers: closed, open, closed. open; if there are three or six fingers: open, closed, open. The XLT seems to give the best bake at 460F while all of the others that I’ve looked at do best at 475F. The XLT appears to be flowing a greater volume of air, and that is th ereason for the lower baking temperature. Keep in mind that all of my testing was done on doughs without any added sugar, and using the Lloyd pans.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Hi Tom you are correct the new XLT’s can bake many products to perfection very fast.
I always try to be conservative I would rather have the operator find that he can bake superb pizzas faster than I indicate rather than him finding he needs to bake slower.

George Mills

I neglected to mention in my previous post that when there are six top finger positions, I like to put them into pairs of two so I can profile it as if there are just three fingers, or to look at it another way, there are three finger zones on the top.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Well, can it bake bread? Or does that require a regular bread oven?

Yeah, I know I need to take AIB’s bread course…

Well…it can bake such things as buns or rolls, and even French bread, but since the aperature opening (height) is so small, you can’t bake anything too high in them. Keep in mind though, that to bake rolls, etc. you will need to have a dedicated finger profile in the oven. One thing that these ovens are absolute champs at is in baking bagels. I’ve not seen a better bagel oven.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Pizza Duo

I’ve also got MM in my first store (3 years old) and XLT in my second store (just over a year old). The XLT is fantastic - quicker cook time with same results, bigger capacity, much quieter, not as much heat in the kitchen, cheaper to run, way way easier to clean (well I say clean it only needs sweeping on the inside). If I had the cash I’d swap the MM to XLT’s tomorrow.

Hope this helps