need a new pasta entree

We currently have lasagna, chicken parm, manicotti, shrimp scampi, spaghetti, pierogies, ravioli, fett. alfredo and pasta carbanara (bacon, mush, onion in alfredo sauce).

We want to add some more and have been looking around and was wandering what everybody sells and what is your most popular…

any input/suggestions would help!

I am looking at the practicality of a cheese ravioli, or some other light filling, with a brown butter and spinach sauce. Simply brown the butter, toss in some minced garlic to flavor and then wilt the spinach in it. Add in Ravioli and toss. Plate up with some grated parm. I suspect it is ingredients you already have on hand.

We already do a baked penne dish. Toss cooked pasta with lots of sauce, sliced meatballs, sausage, and some mozz. Put into casserole (or individual dishes), mozz to cover, and bake. Reheats in microwave. The key is keeping it sauced enough. The pasta will soak up the moisture and leave it dry if not enough sauce.

Gnocchi is another possibility, but I am not sure how popular it will be here . . . or there. 3-5 minutes in boiling water to cook frozen, premade gnocchi. Less for fresh, refrigerated. Sauce with bolognese or alfredo. Mix some gorgonzola with the alfredo for a great gnocchi sauce.

Light spaghetti dish . . . toss with garlic infused EV olive oil, diced avacado, baby corn, sliced artichoke, diced tomato, then top with either shrimp or grilled chicken. We call it PAsta Kimberli (after my wife). Add a little pepper flakes for some zip.

Looking at what you already offer…how about a rigatoni dish with a tomato cream sauce. We use 2 parts marinara to one part white sauce…I think the sauce is fabulous because the white sauce cuts the natural acidity of a straight marinara. We sell lots and lots of em!!


I agree with John although we don’t use as much heavy cream though…penne alla vodka with italian sausage as desribed above…you can add a little black pepper for kick

Baked ziti- Penne mixed with ricotta mozz and sauce then layer twice with sliced mozz bake for a couple mins

vodka sauce-already said before 2 parts marinara 1 part heavy cream

Pesto cream sauce-Alfredo or “white sauce” with a couple of teaspoons of pesto…You can prolly get it from your flour/cheese guy

Primavera-Saute a mix of veggies toss with pasta

We run a ravioli of the week…lobster,spinach,pumpkin,mushroom are some around

just some things off the top of my head hope they help

A place here sells a really nice shrimp, tomato, artichoke heart, and mushroom angel hair pasta dish with a lemon cream sauce.

It’s really light and pleasing to the palate…at least for me. haha

Another one is some sort of Mediterranian…penne pasta, grilled chicken, kalamata olives, tomatoes, garlic/evoo to toss in with garlic bread…

Dang, now I’m getting hungry.