Need a new phone system

we’ve outgrown our hobbled-together att phone setup (three of their model 964’s), and am looking for some suggestions on something a bit for pro-strength. any suggestions on what you folks have had success using? our big problems with the current setup are that their is no capability for an on hold music/message, and also the mic on the handsets are really bad, i.e. they pick up all the wrong background noise such as the conveyor ovens in the kitchen area, etc. and are hard to hear on in general.

i’d like to get into something along the lines of this on ebay

with the central PBX box and then all the base stations sent off from there. we currently have 4 lines coming in and need a better way to manage it all to make it more efficient.

thanks in advance

Have a look at this thread … 1392&t=305

I am an ex business telephone serviceman let me know if I can help.

That seems really reasonable if it does everything you would like it to do. I was looking at the system that sells but it is more like three grand! I think i might have to look some more on ebay myself! Lets keep eachother posted on what we find out. Thanks!

yeah, something about spending $3K+ on a phone system has me concerned…its not like i’m trying to open my own call center here…

i sent a message directly to that seller asking what i should get, considering the features i need etc, and here’s his reply:

The of used systems I have listed
Please see ebay store at … NE-SYSTEMS
the kx-td816 system is ready to do 4 lines and 8 extension
all the systems come with Music on hold, you can by a device
to do a recording either tape or digital recorder that loops
the message (I do not sell these) input is a mini jack
the kx-t72xx and kx-t74xx phones work on this system
your credit card machine can be programed to do 9-pause-1 800 123 4567
the call credit company = 9 tells the phone system to take an open line
to call out.

If you want a new system with a year warrantee
I have the kx-ta308 does only three lines and 8 extensions
I have the phones for it in black
system and an LCD phone to program is $280, extra LCD phone is $85
and extra speakerphone is $60

the 816 can expand to 8x16
the ta308 is non expandable 3x8 comes with Call ID

so based on that, a decent system could be put together for around $800, depending on what bells and whistles i’d want included…plus nice to know that the system is expandable with more phone bases and more features etc. i might give him a ring and ask more specifics

Is this system a PBX type of phone system? I had an AT&T system called Merlin (I think) in my last place and I didn’t have to press 9 to dial out. Just curious!

yeah, i think it is a PBX style system…he was answering a question for me about my credit card terminal that i asked in my original question…right now i have a dedicated line that my credit card terminal sits on, and the other 3 lines roll from one to another…he was jsut telling me that with this system i could program the terminal to dial a 9 and it would grab the first available line it could get to make its authorizations, which is alot better than the way i have it setup right now

I am not 100% sure about that paarticular system however most of the pbx systems out there can be programmed to either be used like a key system where you press a button and dial or dial 9 for an outside line. the advantage of this programming is that you can also add POTS (Plain old telephone sets) to the system for cordless phones or answering machines.