Need a used electric conveyor

I need to find a used electric conveyor oven and, unfortunately, I need to find it fast. The only ones I have seen on Ebay are Lincolns. Has anybody had any experience with these? Any where else I should be looking? Does anybody have one for sale? Looking for a double stack.


I don’t know why you are looking for electric ovens…but…

I have plenty of experience with the CTX infrared ovens…luv 'em 2 death!!!

But…they take an extreme power supply…but they are quite cost efficient once running…you need some massive breakers (50 amp)…

I thinks these bake most like a brick oven as you have 6 heat zones to fine tune your pie…cooks an amazing amount of other stuff…

There are 2 on ebay now…older models and a bit over priced, but parts are readily available and there is zero noise (no forced fans…

Each conveyor will cook a 20" pizza (tho 18" is the stated size…) in approx 6.5-8.5 minutes…veggies are best put under the cheese (specialy 'shrooms)

They have a cleaning feature as well (900 degree burn-off) and you can schedule the decks to turn on/off/clean etc…

The heating elements may go bad from time 2 time…figure a $300 repair bill (they short out)…

If I were building a new shop, I’d seriously consider this option…they are now owned by MM and are still being built…many cruise lines use them & some seafood houses (awesome broiled product)

They weigh a ton but are shipped on a wheeled stand…I’ve seen 'em on craig’sList as well…

Thanks Patriot… those are going to be a bit too narrow. I need to fit two 14" pizzas side-by-side.

I’m looking for electric because these are going into a college football stadium for concessions; there are no gas lines available. The electrical requirements aren’t a problem - they’ll pull whatever we need into the booths.

Most of the electric lincolns are not bug enough to cook 2 14" pizzas side by side. I’m not sure if they make the 1000 or 1400 series in electric, but the 1300 and 1100 series are smaller than the CTX’s that Patriot posted. A few months ago there was someone selling Middleby 555’s on Ebay that were electric. They came out of a football stadium.

You might want to give XLT/BOFI ovens a call at 888-443-2751 or <> Ask to talk to Peter Goodman (V.P. Sales & Marketing) to see if they have any scratch and dent or reconditioned ovens available. By goint this route you will get their excellent service and they should be able to set the oven up specifically for your product. If you buy used/as is, you will get none of this, plus the oven may or may not be set up to bake YOUR product/product mix.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Piper…the CTX oven (is a double stack already) will kick out 75 +/- pies/hour…double stack 'em if ya need (I did…never used all 4) Thats a full time job just catching/boxing 4 conveyors…even a hi-volume CiCi’s doesn’t kick all 3 of the conveyors on but for just a minor crunch time…

How many pizzas per hour do you hope to produce? That will be important in determining if a particular oven is suitable to your needs. Post your answer And I will see what I can find for you.

George Mills

Thanks again Patriot, I guess I didn’t realize the speed of those. I will definitely take a look now.

George, your guess is almost as good as mine. We will be cooking Chicago style stuffed pizzas in these ovens. They will be cut into 8 slices and we are projecting to sell roughly 2,000 per game (250 pizzas). A large percentage of that will be during half-time or walk-in (depending on the time of the start.)

The ovens will be on one side of the stadium, but we have booths on both sides. We will be transporting pizzas across the stadium in electrical hot boxes to feed the other side. I would guess that we would like to cook at least 70 per hour since we’re expecting to be able to hold them for about an hour. The main crunch will be getting enough done to load the side without the ovens.

We do cook these on a conveyor in one of our stores - a 40" Blodgett. Cook time there is 12 minutes.

That oven will still take 12+/- minutes to cook your deep dish, tho it might be a bit faster considering the infrared cooking system, but stack 'em 2 high and you’ll never get bogged down…you will need to get dark pans for the best bake…I’ve seen the CTX’s go for less than 2K/stack…but believe me, it’ll take some power to crank 'em up…they run on either single or 3 phase, but three phase will be cheaper…you could spend 1-2K for power installation…

I can’t stress the quietness either…no noisy blowers…with 4 temp zones, you’ll get the bake you like…

Consider a 16" pan or go BIG with an 18"…you’ll get an even bake thru & thru…

Tom might know better than I if your pie would do better with more top/bottom heat @ the beginning or the end…experimentation will tell…you can set the top & bottom temps up to 75 degrees difference and the front & exit temps up to 100 degree difference…even if one element burns out, you can generally still use the deck (each deck has its own controls) but sometimes it shorts out & gets too hot, shutting down the deck…

Hi piper:

You do have a problem: You need a hi production oven, it must be electric and you wan to buy a used unit.

My suggestion would be to find a Middleby Marshall electric 250. It has a 32 inch belt and an 80 inch bake chamber. We placed a lot of that model in stadiums when pizza first became popular in those venues.

You should be able to bake about 70 pizzas per hour with that unit.

Patriot also makes a good suggestion; The problem, I think, would be finding a couple of the larger units fairly new. Our experience has been that parts for the older CTX ovens are very hard to find and very few of the newer models are on the used market as very few have been sold.

Further I think you would be better served by putting an oven in both your sales locations. The logistics of producing for two locations and transporting product to a satellite location could be overwhelming.

I do not think there many used electric MM 250 ovens available. If you decide to go the 250 way I have contact with most of the used dealers in the nation and could survey them to se if any of them have one. Or if you wish to go with the CTX I could do the same seeking that item for you.

George Mills

I’ll drop you a PM with my contact info George - I would appreciate if you could survey your contact for me.

We agree with putting ovens in both locations as it’s going to be a logistical nightmare. If we can possibly get by with one oven per location it would be ideal. This thing got dropped on us last week and we have exactly one month to get it going. We don’t want to make a massive cash outlay, so that’s why we’re looking at just one set of ovens. If we can find the right price we would get two double stacks - one for each location.

I’ve never heard of an electric MM250, but I guess there may be one for sale somewhere. I would imagine that parts for it would be even harder to find thAn those for the CTX’s as I doubt MM made even a fraction of electric 250’s as CTX’s made. Another problem with the 250’s are they can only be stacked one high. No double or triple stacking opportunities.

I would think that one very high production facility with distribution with another distribution only facility would be easier to run/manage than two high production facilities both with distribution.

I forgot to mention - another advantage of only having ovens in one location is that I can oversee everything being produced. For the most part we will be bringing in under-trained staff. Since this is happening during football games our two locations will both already be busy and we won’t be able to send our top staff or managers to the stadium. It is way to late to get somebody else trained that I would feel comfortable with production.

Rolling warmers with 150lbs of pizza across a stadium concourse isn’t something we’re looking forward to, but it might be necessary this first season.

There are 2 CTX oven on ebay right now (or yesterday…) they won’t sell & shipping will be $$$

As far a repair (these are not the newer models either) there is little difference…I’ve never had a problem w/parts, as the main failure is the actual heating plate itself…(think of a huge cal-rod embedded in a 2’x3’ mini deck stone)…these either short out & cause the oven to over-heat, or most likely, the electrical connection becomes brittle w/age and breaks…) the other components are fairly easy 2 replace…George is right, but having had 3 sets over 15 yrs I’d still think about getting them…

You’ll have to cut off the lower legs on one set & get a lift to place the 2nd set on top…with 4 conveyors, the top is a bit high & the bottom a bit low…but its doable…

it will be ‘idiot-proof’ once you dial in the time/temp

If you still need them, here’s a listing for a triple stack of electric Middleby 555’s. I’d bet that price is very negotiable. … 45f580c5e7