need advice on delivery

My wife and I have been running a successful take and bake operation. About a year ago we dumped the franchise and went independent. Since then we started offering both take and bake and baked pizzas. Our overall sales are about equal with baked vs. take and bake. Now I’m looking into offering delivery. I’m looking for advice on getting this kicked off. All comments/suggestions are appreciated.

Go to the “sticky” on the top of the index page for “PMQ’s Think Tank FAQ” and scroll down until you find delivery and there will be heaps of discusions, ideas and recommendations for you to troll through.

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Be sure to take a good look at Hired and Non-Owned insurance. Ask your insurance broker to find out what you are going to be paying for this coverage. A lot of independants think they are covered by the insurance thier drivers have. Bottom line is: You aren’t. If there is a scrape with the legal system in this area, you can count on being included and you will find that your business insurance explicitly excludes coverage for delivery and will not pay your legal fees let alone any judgement. Even if you win, it could cost you 50K.

Why bring it up? Delivery is a good business if you are going to promote it and make something of it. If you are just hoping to pick up a little extra sales the complexity and expense may not be worth it.