Need Advice on Financing

I have been looking for someone who can help me with my financial portfolio. I am trying to open a new location and am haveing trouble figuring out how to use my realestate investments and Restaurant to creat the capital needed to open a new location. If any body knows of a financial person who can help me put my ducks in a row or show me what items I must get in place first, I am sure that I am not the only person not quite sure how to open up location number two.

I need help to figure out if I should
a. Borrow money from homes
b. purchase secound location
c. lease secound location
d. pull out a business loan
e. or use credit cards with low apr.

anybody who as sudjestions or can direct me to someone with information would be greatly apreciated. I cant seem to find anybody to help me with what I should do or what options I have. Thanks.

There are pro’s and cons to everything you are looking at. I personally, never use options B and E. I just don’t like them. I know some, who will not buy a business unless they have real estate with it.

I always choose C with D as providing as much of the funds as possible. I have 4 different loans outstanding right now to 4 different banks.