Need Better Dough

So I have been at this for about a year and a half, and I am not looking to refine my product. I sell a fairly average pizza and it does okay. I cant complain. However I now want to sell an amazing pizza, And I would like to start with my dough. I would like to make it somewhat like a newyork style, kind of like what lehman makes, but I would like to make it work for a hand tossed gourmet pizza. any really good dough sudjestions would be apreciated.

Funny think is, Sams club dough and pizza seems to be the best that I have had in a while. any help on there formula would be apreciated. Thanks again.

start with a good flour, like All Trumps…

ensure your dough ages for 2-3 days…

make sure your dough is proofed b4 you form it…

learn to hand toss rather than a sheeter…

make sure you give your pizza the proper amount of cooking time…don’t rush it thru the conveyor in 4 minutes…

use stanislaus products…

use a decent cheese…I prefer blending Grande with 50% of another good cheese…

thats a start to build upon…

We just got back from the NAPICS show and here is the dough formula that we were using to make a great New York style pizza.
Flour: (Superlative) 100%
Salt 1.75%
Sugar 1% only if you want to hold the dough up to 3 days, if you will only hold the dough two days delete the sugar.
Yeast IDY 0.375%
Olive oil 3%
Water 57% (variable)

Put water (65F) in mixing bowl, add the salt and sugar to the water, add the flour then the IDY. Mix for 2 minutes at low speed, add the oil, mix 1 minute at low speed then mix 8 minutes at medium speed. Target finished dough temperature is 80 to 85F. Immediately scale dough pieces and form into balls, place into dough boxes and wipe with salad oil, cross stack in the cooler for 90 minutes then down stack. Dough is ready to use on the following day. Remove some of the dough from the cooler and allow to warm at room temperature for 90 minutes before shaping the dough into skins. The dough can be used over the next two to three hours. This dough hand tosses beautifully and has great resistance to tearing. It baked up great in a deck oven (baked on the deck) at 525 to 550F. Or as we did at NAPICS we used one of the new Lincoln FAST BAKE ovens and the new, New York Style baking disk from Lloyd pans <> . Our scaling weight was 9-ounces for a 12-inch pizza. This translates to 0.079646-ounces per square inch of pan surface area. or 12.25-ounces for a 14-inch pizza crust or 16-ounces for a 16-inch pizza crust. Using the Lincoln FAST BAKE we had a baking temperature of 485F and a bake time of 5.5 minutes. Note: Using the air impingement oven, you must have this new baking disk to obtain this quality of bake, regular disks and screens won’t work.
Use a quality tomato product, but if you really want to be different try using frosh cut tomato slices rather than sauce. Open the dough up, apply a light coating of olive oil with crushed garlic, then apply the tomato slices(don’t try for complete coverage) now apply the Grande Fresh Mozzarella (balls) about 2/3 of a large cheese ball for a 12-inch pizza, apply the desired toppings and bake. As soon as the pizza comes out of the oven sprinkle on a powdered Parmesan-Romano cheese blend and add a couple cut up sweet basil leaves, put back into the oven for three seconds to wilt the basil and release the flavor, cur and serve. If you are looking for something different give this one a try.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

sam’s pizza is the best you had so far ??? heheheh heheh hehehhehehe please someone stop me i am evil :twisted:


Thanks for the assistance, I am going to try this awsome new york style with a little more dough, maybe 13 oz for a 12" pizza, I know it is supposed to be thin crust but I loved it thick.

The two issues that I have had with it is that it retracts very quickly. If I were to add pz44 when should I do it and how much should I add for a 50 lb batch.

secound: to add just a touch of sweet ness could I add some honey or sugar with out throughing the recipe off much. Thanks.

Lastly could you give me a recipe for a home mixer. I am going to attempt to make smaller batches at home to test out different cooking methods. Thanks again Tom

Try looking up correllconcepts dot com then look under encyclopizza. John Correll has some great reading here.

Can you give me the particulars on the sams flour dough recipe? red bag or blue? how much yeast? when to add it and when to add water oil, salt//…what have you?