need catchy names for indy dine/carry/del pizzaria

if you were to open a new indy delco with small 20 seaters dineing pizza place what names would you give.

Delco pizzaria and seatery :lol:

Unless you’re planning to grow beyond the town you’re in, I would choose a name that shows some pride for the town. A play on the high school mascot, or college nickname if in a collge town. Something the locals will identify with.

you can call it CATCHY NAME PIZZA
i am not joking

U R 1 Funie Bean!!!

Why not just make it part of your Grand Opening ? Get people to either mail, email, text or phone in suggestions for a name weeks before you open. The winning name gets free pizza for a year. This is the type of thing that would grab newspaper and local tv coverage as well.

The best part is that before you’re even open you’ll have tons of addresses, email addresses, cell phone numbers and home phone numbers to help you during your marketing in your first few months.

Best Pizza Company
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

make the best pie in town & market it as the best, w/a 100% money back guarantee…

few will misuse the MBG and it will keep you focused to make the BEST pizza in town…

price it right…market it right…do it right…

bright colors…simple menu…fast delivery…the BEST pizza is not the CHEAPEST pizza

We’re opening another shop in St. Helena CA. They didn’t want both shops to be named the same - something to do with “formula” restaurant. My husband has always wanted to name our shop “That Pizza Place”. When people ask you where to get really great pizza - you can direct them to “That Pizza Place” on the corner of Main and Spring. So that’s what we did! Sounds good to me!

how about
pizza, pasta and more co
or pizzza co

How about an alternative like “Main and Spring Pizza”. There’s no question where you’re located :).

How about your street # plus Pizzeria. EX: address is 242 main Street. “242 Pizzeria

how about Its All Mine pizza…

Main Spring Pizza

Pizzeria On Main

Main Pizza

Circle City Pizza…

I don’t know WHY this one place has this name…

But, in another town in my state, there is a Pizzeria (local) called Sam & Ellas Chicken Palace.

Say it fast…yep, salmonella.

I don’t know why it’s called Chicken Palace, unless the country chicken decor has anything to do with it, but it is purely a pizza/sandwich dine-in.

There’s another restaurant next door that sounds like E-coli, and I don’t know why the disease theme was created.

But, I say this meaning, keep it as tame or as wild as you want…but whichever is your expectation, roll with it. :slight_smile:

FAH - but why would they do that?