need coupon idea

big hallowen event in the town coming up. i am piggy packing there ad in local mailer , and every ticket will have my stores name and space for a coupon.first what kind of coupon on the local mailer is best to use ? 27,000 houses will see this . its an 11 x 14 page and i get 1/3 of it . and the ticket to enter the event will have a coupon , need some ideas please !!! thanks :lol:

thats piggy backing btw :shock:

At Pizza Expo this year, I heard an impressive speaker who was adamant about not discounting your food because essentially you are lowering the price in your customers minds and no one seems to want to compete on price except Pizza Hut. Instead, he recommended that restaurants distribute only “value added” coupons featuring high margin items - eg. free breadsticks with the purchase of a large.

His main point was that you save money - giving them an item that seems more valuable but is less expensive to you than the $2 off coupon - and at the same time get people hooked on your high margin items to add to their future tickets.