Need Dessert Idea

Hello all
well we are looking for some new dessert ideas, at the moment we use our surplus dough and make cinna bites . Very easy to make we just roll out the dough ,then cut them into bite size pieces and deep fry them. for the sauce we just melt butter,sugar and cinnamon and pour them over them over the cinna bites.

they do ok but we would love to do a dessert pizza or something with chocolate . we have 2 deep fryers ,grill and a conveyor belt pizza oven

let the good ideas roll

I offer you . . . panzerotti! You can roll about 3oz dough into a circle, the add some chocolate chips, a little cinnamon and even a dollop of ricotta (chopped pecan or hazelnuts optional). Fold over and seal it like your life depends on it. Drop in the fryer till golden brown. Flip about halfway through. Drizzle with a vanilla glaze of powdered sugar with just enough milk to dissolve and make a glaze. You can do the same with macerated & drained strawberries, berries of any kind, cinnamon filling, fried apples, fried peaches, cannoli cream filling, and the list goes on.

I call the chocolate ones Italian Love Pockets

Take you same plain fried dough wads (zeppole), arrange around a small scoop of cannoli cream in a bowl and drizzle with wildflower honey. Dust with cinnamon to finish. Dayum.

What are some good options if you don’t have deep fryers?

Our customers are kinda burnt out on brownies and giant cookies.

Same think brushed with butter and sprinkled with suager, then baked in the oven.

Cut a 10" pizza dough in 6 wedges (raw). You can fill these with all sorts of pie fillings, chocolate chips, fresh apples, and so on . . . like a creascent roll. Bake and serve.

Tom Lehmann has a dessert fruit pizza that is truly spectacular out there in the recipe bank. Or search the archives for fruit pizza or dessert pizza.

Core an apple and fill with cinnamon, sugar, and couple pieces of butter (tablespoon or so). Wrap this apple with a fairly thin dough layer and bake off at about 375 until browned and apple tender. About 35 minutes maybe. You can reheat these in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes from room temp. Microwave in a pinch, but test that. Drizzle with a glaze. APPLE DUMPLING.

Pints of Ice Cream. Zero prep. Nice add-on sale or great promo for free with purchase. Been doing it for 13 years now. We offer Ben & Jerry’s and HaagenDaz. Menu price is $6. Cost is about $2.75.

Considering zero waste, zero prep I am fine with the margin. Got a freezer?

As a promo, $6 perceived value for lower cost. More effective than $3 off and less expensive than $6 off.

Really great ideas, I love apples , so I am all over that apple idea
also love the ice cream idea. we have a nice big freezer with plenty of space


You might want to check out the forum where you will find a board on Dessert Pizzas. If you register, you can also conduct searches for dessert pizzas.


We take a small pizza dough, dock it, pre bake just about a minute or 2, pull out, spread with nutella hazelnut spread add some chocholate chips & pecans or walnuts, put back in over for just a minute, pull out a srinkle with powdered sugar, its a really big hit with the kids, & personally I love it

Chocolate calzone put chocolate pieces in a 9 inch base fold it over and brush with oil and sprinkle on sugar bake in conveyor oven and sprinkle with powdered sugar you can also use raspberries bluberries or mars bars