Need help finding commercial timers

When I was at Taco bell I noticed they use “Fastimer” timers for all of their cooking… I’ve been looking everywhere but can’t seem to find out where to buy them.

is their website, and TRACKER MODEL 24 looks to be the best for my situation…

I’ve found other timers like this:

but the $$ out CRAZY!

I’m currently using 4 of these style timers:
but they are a pain because you press the wrong button once and you have to reprogram the time again, plus they like to reset by themselves every now and again, so you have to sit there and enter each time again and again. :evil:

Any idea on where to get good commercial timers with multiple displays and a decent price?

Thanks all!

I cannot help you with affordable “big time” timers like that. All the ones I find are pretty intensive investments.

I went the altogether other route . . . $1 apiece. I went to the local dollar store and found digital timers with push button controls for $1 apiece. They are about the size of a business card and maybe 3/8" think, witha clip on the back of them for hanging on an apron, a metro shelf, whatever. I figure that I will pay less to throw out the timer and put a new one up than I would spend replacing a battery. Each one runs for about 3 months, and I bought 3 dozen or so of them. When I see them again, I’ll buy still more.

It is just a poor man’s way to get digitial beeping timers into the store.

This is store nearby me that I buy lots of equipment from. Here is a link to their timers. I cannot speak about the timers, but their service is really really good. they are primarily an eBay company, making millions each year in the used and new equipment maket . . . no showroom at all . … all online sales.

Two things:

  1. Ask your food rop about equipement. They will do the leg work to find them for you.

  2. What are you guys timing? We don’t use timers for anything and the idea has never crossed my mind.

I’m timing the wings we fry, chicken fingers, fried brownie bites, other fried appetizers, the sandwiches we put in the oven to finish for 5 minutes, we time our breaks (when we want to leave the kitchen for a few minutes we grab a timer), our time/temp windows, occasionally our bake times to see how oven is handling large loads, lasagna and other baked goods in the ovens . . . etc.

We time lots and lots of things, actually.

Did you time how long it took to write your reply ? :lol:

Thanks Nick,

Timing breaks sounds like a good plan. We don’t fry anything so that part did not come up for us. All our hot apps are ovenable so they roll through the conveyor just like the pizza.

I think they should install timers with grase hoods :slight_smile: If a shop doesn’t have a conveyor they need two things: a skilled pizza/oven guy and timers. :wink:

It is really cool for breaks that the guys themselves took up the habit of taking a timer with them. Senior cook started the idea; he’s a very responsible and reliable guy in a lot of ways . . . no supervisory or management skills, though.

Here are some that are NOT commercial, but might be useful

(heck, me personally - I use these: … 40&sr=1-64 ) … n%3A289812

Now that I saw that Amazon page though, I may get some new ones to help prevent confusion. (“What was that bell- the pig or the chicken?”)

  1. I used to use the wind up jobbies as well. We kept having issues with potential cross contamination when dropping raw chicken or whatever in the fryers. We got some processes to make it better, but you can hit the little ‘start’ button with nearly any part of your non-chcken juiced body.

  2. Look at It is a site that will chop down really long url’s for forums like this one. :wink:

Hard Boiled Eggs - Once they come to a boil, take them off the burner and let them sit for 15 minutes - shock in cold water.

Meatballs - 35 minutes
Chicken for Chicken Salad - 30 minutes
Sasuages - 25 minutes
Pizza sauce - stir every 7 minutes for 35 minutes
Pasta - 6 minutes
Bacon - 10 minutes
Soups - depends which one
Sauce for pasta - 2 minutes

If I didn’t have these timed, they would be smoked.