Need help finding immigrant workers, any ideas?

I dont want to come off sounding like an a$$ for asking this question, but I would really like to know.

Does anyone know of a specific place to to find immigrant workers? I figured it would be some type of company like Manpower that has them ready to go for any position… but I can’t seem to find anything.

Most of the restaurants around my area have them as cooks because most do not speak very good english… and they must not live in the area, because i’d say 95% of the people around here are white. So I have no idea where they come from.

I even attempted to get info from a few of the restaurants employees on how they were hired, but they never have any idea.

My current manager use to work at a pizzeria where if the owner needed a worker, he’d just call someone and they would be their the next day to work!

Any ideas?

That’s exactly how it works. The manager was calling the “coyote” for the area. It’s actually a business, and the coyote arranges for their transportation from their country, finds a place for them to stay and finds them a job. He has a network of employers that he contacts when he has a new prospect. You need to ask around to see who’s heading the thing up in your area.

It’s quite underground. And of course, make sure you get a social security card and properly complete the I-9 form.

Why risk it? Pay more an hour and get a legal! I would never do illegal business with a “coyote” as you are just opening yourself up for all kinds of trouble! Who knows what this guy will do to you once you break the law with him!

I gave the details of how it works, but I should have said the above as well. We don’t hire illegals in my store, I just know of the system. I agree that it’s not worth the risk, especially as my state is now starting to crack down. I know of a restaurant here with 30 employees that just got fined $15,000 for not having proper proof of employment eligibility.

Technically if you see the proper documents to complete the I-9 you should be OK, but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it.

Don’t do it. Don’t be a cheater.

I am going to assume that you are making a request for information on hiring people who are legally in the country and looking for work. I have had in the recent past agents, who are registered with the government as placement services, ask if I need workers. They are usually trying to assist people who want to bring family members into the country through a work sponsership. The rules in Canada are different than those in the USA but in general these workers are hired on a temporary work visa that expires in 2 years.


I’m going to make an assumption here. I’d bet he’s simply looking for people who come from an impoverished background and understand the value of money and are willing to WORK for it. He’s already said his area is 95% caucasian. If there’s anything white kids know, it’s how to be lazy. You all KNOW that the kids today don’t work like we did when we were their age. I’d submit that a first-generation immigrant can be had for a lower wage (minimum wage or higher, but less than a teen), will work harder, don’t need off for prom or because they found a bone in their leg, AND are probably going to be older (better insurance rates, better work ethic).

Once you hire one, you’ll have as many as you need.

At a previous gig, they would even give me two weeks notice when they were going back home, and bring me their replacement. No doubt the hardest working crew I ever had, for very low labor cost.

But no way I would do it again, with the risk of fines and bad press if some were found illegal.

If you’re looking for legal workers, then the Chamber of Commerce may be able to connect you to a business or organization that advocates for foreign-born laborers. Department of Labor may also know of a means of connecting to that community.

Heck . . . if you want to be brazen and stereotype them, go into a Mexican restaurant and ask if anyone there knows where to find latino/a workers looking for kitchen work. They may have friends or relatives looking for work, or know where to find groups of potential employees.

exactly, thanks snowman…

I’m not looking for anything illegal… about 9 months back I had a “Latino” come work for me as a second job as a driver… he was almost 40 years old and has been saving all his cash to bring his family over here from Mexico. He was the hardest most workaholic employee I’ve ever had! Sadly he left his primary job and found another truck driving… his available hours couldn’t work for us anymore so he had to split. I asked him if he knew anyone or had any family members looking for a job, he did not.

Finding them around here is like finding a needle in a 100lb batch of dough.