Back in the day, when I was younger some restaurants delivered fountain drinks in a 1/2 gallon carton! with the price soaring on 2 liters I was thinking of looking into this. anyone know where to get them and if it is cost effective?

We used to get them from Coke & Pepsi…But that was a long time ago…

Wow, did that ever spark a deep memory! We used to get those from the root-beer stand to take home.

I couldn’t dig anything up on google. The closest I could find were those to-go containers usually used for bulk coffee: … riers.html Too expensive though.

What about a glass jug with a screw on lid, sort of like how many brewpubs are selling “growlers” for carry out? Slap a logo on them, sell the jugs and offer a deal when bringing back for a refill.

You can purchase 1/2 gallon plastic jugs with lids from your distributor.

I think the name I recall is Gable Top Carton.

In todays world, I think customers prefer a sealed/resealable 2 liter bottle to a carton you fill at the shop. It also seems that the coke syrup prices have continued rising, possibly negating any cost savings. Your time may be better spent pressuring Coke and Pepsi to bid your account and to give you a fair contract price.

About 5 years ago i asked my pepsi rep about this very item. I was told they were no longer selling them but he managed to get me 2 cases that they found in the warehouse… they had been there a while it looked as they were covered in dust. Nowadays you can probably get some very large cups that will do the same trick.