Need Help for input. BIG ORDER coming in

Ok, first time ever, we are doing 250 orders of breadsticks for a school about 10 miles outside our school district, they are breaking away from LC which is 12 miles from us. We are the only mom & pop business within 12 miles from the school and was soooo excited to pick them up. OK here is the issue, our breadsticks are not traditional, they are twisted like garlic knots. Talked it over with the school and we agreed to just do a traditional breadstick like LC. and bag 6pcs with a sauce cup in a sub-bag, and sell for same price LC was getting which is $1.50 per order, also we are doing just over 100 pizzas as well, this is going to be split into 2 days, 2 different times per day. If my calculations are correct we are going to use our 11oz dough for each order, this is going to be 3 batches of dough just for the breadsticks alone. Am I correct in my calcualtions??? 1 batch gives me 1257 ounces of dough. I was planning on just baking of the bread cutting, putting our garlic butter and romano cheese on & wrapping in a 12x10 foil sheet. Is this the best way to bake off & wrap??

Guess I should add in that my oven is a dbl stack bakers pride stone oven not conveyor

So… Lots of readers, but no input or suggestions.

I use Breadstick bags instead of sub bags.
They have a wax lining inside the bag so you don’t have to use the foil wrap.
I get them from
If you buy 2 cases you can get free shipping.


I would venture to say many of the TT’ers wouldn’t comment as they’re in Vegas or wouldn’t have taken the bid…

Me? I’m not sure I’d have taken the bid…I would be hard pressed to do it w/o a conveyor, as it seems rather labor intensive for the ROI…

But that’s just me & I hate to refuse any job…

I was wondering were everyone was LOL… Really its not that big of a deal looking at the break down of 2 days at 2 different times each day. I have plenty of help, so there is no issue there. Prepping dough 2 batches every day till Friday. Dbling up on all stock. I am just happy they are finally breaking away from LC and supporting small businesses like myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Also its not like it is going to be an every day thing, its only 2 times per year the school does this.

Will the school re-heat the breadsticks? Not sure what your capacity is with relation to 125 orders of breadsticks but in a conveyor I’d still have to know if they are begin served warm how do they get warm again as a 12 mile trip and deck ovens your going to have issues. 50 pizzas will probably task your kitchen too.

I have a hard time keeping things warm in my 4 mile radius and I have conveyors and get my deliveries out the door in under 14 minutes from when they are ordered.

Really make sure you can execute the delivery of a great product or it wont matter for the future. Prep should be easy to figure out.

FYI - Vegas is a month away.

Are you going to be able to turn out and serve the same quality of product as is typical for your operation?..I hear of many folks who attempt things like this and quality suffers…Resulting in presenting your business in a poor light to new and current customers…

We have 3 drivers going a different run times on each delivery, have 3 vans with warmers that will hold 50 pizzas plus at least 100 orders of bread, using my friends vans and equipment he has a catering company in county next to me so he is going to help.

They will not have to reheat anything with the equipment we have in vans, quality will not suffer, we did over 100 pizzas not to long ago and went over well, just did not do any breadsticks

Was basically just looking for some insight on the breadsticks and packaging

We use the 12 inch bread bags mentioned earlier in this thread… we also wrap them in grease resistant sandwich wrap as the bags will leak butter if we don’t. … ath=400_60

Should get them in about 3-4 business days (not sure when your order is). We get an order of 8 breadsticks from a 10 ounce doughball (which is exactly what LC does). I’ve also put them in 1 compartment Styrofoam containers (8 inch… just need to watch the length of the sticks) and they’ve come out pretty good (will also fit a 2 ounce cup for sauce, which you can’t put in a breadstick bag).

Good luck with that order, we stole all LC school business in our area, felt good. That order would have our triple stack conveyers working hard.