Need help on adv. desin, print.

I searched through archives. Trying to design the coupons, door hangers, post cards etc. not enough help. There are some very good sample photos from j_rokk & others. plenty of info. on print companies. I could only wonder how they designed their ads. I think we need to start a new thread on desining & creating the effective print ad. material and put it on FAQ list.

Here are a few tips on advertising that I found just doing a google search.

The following checklist should help determine some of the main factors to be considered when evaluating any newly developed advertising material for print media.

Is the required message immediately clear and understandable?
Is the main benefit message contained in the headline, or can it be quickly and easily identified?
Does any photo/visual used fully support and amplify the main message?
Does any supporting text quickly and simply justify and expand the main message?
Is the overall advertisement content readily assimilated?
Is there strong and easily identified company/product/service ‘branding’?
Is there some form of call to action or reason to respond?
Is the advertisement interesting, persuasive and memorable?
Is the advertisement likely to appeal to the identified target audience? (Remember, it’s them that it’s aimed at, and not you or your own company).

Thanks daddio,
Very good info. Sure it is a challenge to come up with right text and graphics. There are a couple of artwork websites listed here though they are mostly pizza pics. and I could not find good fried chicken pics. My biggest problem is how to put them (artwork &text) together on a piece of paper. How to desin a good lookin ad. or a poster. What kind of software you guys use(what works the best). I tried to come up with some promotional materials that didn’t look good (embarrasing honestly). I tried to do it with MS office by inserting image,text, resize etc. I will put one up here but you guys will laugh at it. And hopefully return some advice. Having some templates in the archives, FAQ list would be a very good idea if that is possoble. where you download the template, change some text,logo and good to go.

you might consider a simple page layout program, like MS Publisher (I’m a Mac guy, so I use PageMaker)

go 2 & get some photos there (about $6 ea)

export them as a pdf file 4 your printer…

Thanks Pats,
A little off topic, but I was lookin for you. Need some advice on chicken breading. I know you mix cajun seasoning into the all pupose flour. If you would please post the mix ratio?

for consistency sake, a commercial breader is advised…but the brand I used 2 prefer, from SYSCO is now unavailable…

I’ve been experimenting, again…use AP flour or cake flour, as pizza flour doesn’t work as well…also, remember, sift the mixture each day 2 remove lumps etc…as you sift, the mix will become saltier…

I use, in approx. equal amounts, Lawry’s Seasoned Salt, Lemon Pepper, garlic powder, paprika, onion powder, black pepper, poultry seasoning…use 1/4 C. each to 5# flour and adjust…

I’ve also been using a wash of 2:1 Badia Mojo marinade…plus we fry in 100% peanut oil…