Need help on how to save money on pizza boxes!

Can anyone offer any suggestions on how to save money on pizza boxes? I am paying .50 each on standard box and insert. I would like to lower that price. Does anyone know a place where I can buy bulk and get my own logo on box? Just looking for any suggestions. I live in Michigan. Thank You

Baby Jake’s Pizza

We use Reinhart foods. They work with G2 Box Company. The boxes are priced at .25 for 12" and .28 for 14". We get 100 cs. at a time with custom printing on them. Their phone number is 1.800.223.0961.

How are you currently getting in your boxes?

A focused pizza distributor will be set up to carry printed boxes for customers, but they will have a minimum usage in order to carry them. A larger distributor (Gordon Food Service is headquartered in Michigan) will be able to provide a cheaper generic box if you can meet their deliver minimums.

for deliveries we use cardboard circles and pizza bags…then put the bagged pizza in reusable hot box…the bags are only pennies each.

We get our boxes through Reinhart also, but are paying $24 for a case of 14" boxes. What kind of box do you buy from G2? We are currently using a white on white boxes.

Have more than one vendor. Shop the prices. Tell them you are shopping the prices.

You guys are paying way too much. I am getting white on craft 14" for $17.25 a bundle of 50. Custom print would be around $22. This is through GFS.

What type of boxes are they though? B-flute?

Are you in Chicago? I was born and raised there, and this is how we always got our pizza. I’m a long way from Chicago now, and the bagged pizza did not go over very well here - we ended up going to boxes.

I still love ordering pizza when I’m home in Chicago and getting it in a bag :slight_smile:

Yes they are the thick B-Flute as opposed the the thin E-flute.

The boxes we use are craft on craft, one color, and custom print. They are $14.48. I think we get a discount because of the volume we do.

lol you know it!!! Not far from Wrigley.

We started using circles and bags back in the eighties, thats all we use todate, except on delivery or when customers purchase more than 1 pizza, for instance say a customer orders 2 pizzas, we put 1 in a box and the other in a bag, our customers love the old school style, some young customers question it and look at you like they are being cheated out of a pizza LOL

To go pizzas go in boxes and if someone orders more than one pizza they go in boxes. But if someone is literally walking from their front door to their kitchen there is no reason for them to waist a box.

If you want, shoot me a PM with your store’s name. I’m flying there tomorrow and we’ll probably be in Wrigleyville on Saturday - maybe we can stop in.