need help on NY style deck oven

I am not sure what type of pizza oven I should go for the NY style pizza. Because of the intense competition, I would like to bring the best NY pizza to the customer.

My questions are:

  1. Is any oven better than the other for making better pizza?
  2. Does new VS used oven make any difference?

Please name a few good pizza ovens for the NY style pizza? Someone recommended Marshalls or Baker’s Pride brands. Are they the best ones?

Thank you!

For deck ovens I all ways recommend Bakers pride

See if you can try a rotating deck oven. I’ve never used one, but next time I’m in the market for ovens I plan on looking at them to help with labor and consistency. I’ve used Bakers Pride, Marsal, & old Blodgetts; they all cook great. I’m not sure about Bakers Pride, but Marsal has several different options; make sure you check them out so you get the one you like the best. Also, don’t believe them if they try to tell you that you don’t need to rotate the pie while its cooking, you always have to for a deck oven.


You can definitely get a good used oven from a place that’s going out of business. Deck ovens are simple so they can easily be troubleshooted, just be careful if you’re going really old.

I can show you the two types of Marsal ovens that I use if you’re not too far (or too close ;)) to Philadelphia.

The one thing to remember about used deck ovens is that it may or may NOT be a pizza oven. I’ve seen all too many new operators buy what they thought was a deck type pizza oven only to find out that it won’t bake multiple pizzas, the reason being that it was not designed as a pizza oven, instead it was designed as a baker’s oven. A good tip off is a steel deck and lower BTU burner. Just a cautionary note, like they say “Buyer beware”.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor