need help on sicilian pizza pans

guys, i looking into adding sicilian pizza to my menu. was just looking into purchasing those sicilian style pans, not sure what to look for. they are different depth, different metal, ones are more money then the other ones. if anybody have any exerience or thoughts - please share. i am not into buying cheapest staff, but still need an explanation on why more expensive are better then cheaper ones. any thoughts on this topic are welcome. i use blodgett, if it matters. Thank you, Dmitri

You want to buy the steel pans. Don’t use the aluminum ones. After the steel is seasoned,
you just wipe them down and oil them. Don’t stick em in the sink to clean them. We sell by the slice so a whole pie gets cut into 9 pieces. I can’t remember the pan size though. Sorry…

True about using the metal…not aluminum. they are 16x16 in size and I think with a 1 inch lip. Try to find them used since new they can be costly. I have bought some from ebay…or a local used equipment supplier. As for making them…strectch them in the morning and let them proof on the top if your oven all day…BAM…light and fluffy. If they do not sell…parbake and use when busy or for slices.

There is information about Sicilian Pizza Pans at We have 2 different depths and square sizes from 6" to 18". All with our exclusive PSTK finish.