need help with advertising wording

I am looking for some help to come up with some snazzy wording I can utilize in my next mailer. I basically want to emphasize a bit that we offer unique toppings. I am not really that good at wordsmithing. Thanks for your effort.

“Over ### toppings to choose from” ??

How’s that. -J_r0kk

Pizza Syle Buffet used tyo advertise that they had 3,628,800 topping combinations with their ten toppings.

I was a mathematically incined smart@ss who ran a permutation of for my 24 toppings and three sauces. We then made an in-store sign stating what Buffet Style Pizza had, and then

AND WE HAVE 1,861,345,205,199,720,000,000,000 combinations . . … you choose your pizza at Nick’s.

You could always say

[] “We have more, fresher ingredients than you can shake a cheap pizza at”
] Artichoke hearts to zucchini, we have a delicious variety
[] Come experience the delicious variety of ingredients we bake on our hand crafted pizza pies
] All your favorite ingredients and then some

Some good ideas here. Thats an enormous ammount of combos. Whats the mathematical formula to figure out how many you have? I have 30 toppings and 6 sauces.

“With 30 toppings and 6 sauces we can make the pizza YOU want”…

Who cares how many bazillion combinations you have, I only want the one I want…


on your calculator, it would be the [size=5]! [/size]button. Or, you can do it manually by doing =(30292827262524232221201918171615141312111098765432*1)*6
(permutation of all the toppings x 6 sauces for each topping combination)

I agree with royster13, though, that the number may be fun to generate, but the only pie the customer cares about is the one they want. the quote he gave sounds pretty good. slipping a word like “fresh” or “hand-crafted” gives it a little more flash, too.

“With 30 toppings and 6 sauces we can make the frssh, hand-crafted pizza deserve”…

“Honey, what did you do at work today” “Well dear I figured out we have 1,746,984,890 topping combinations…I’m exhausted!”


12 toppings and 4.25 sauces?? Maybe different kinds of crust?? You have some weird shop you’re running there.

You can do it too, and you wouldn’t be exhausted performing the 25-second math computation :slight_smile: Use a calculator . . . or a spreadsheet. The formula in EXCEL is

=FACT(x) where x=the number you want to use

The beauty of having had extensive education in both mathematics and statistical analysis is that I understand numbers, realtionships and trends better than the average dough jockey. Add 10 years in the legal field and I have a very unusual background for this industry. (psychology, group dynamics, adventure therapy, real estate law, bankruptcy/forecosure law, SQL database programming and reporting, gradute statistical analysis, research design, consumer debt collections, municipal government . . . a veritable rennaisance man)

what specific toppings?


I think you jumped the gun on that one. I think he was only kidding.


some of them include, andouille sausage. spinach, artichoke hearts, feta, kalamata olive.

[quote="Anonymous"some of them include, andouille sausage. spinach,
artichoke hearts, feta, kalamata olive.[/quote]

Ya’ know, that’s a really good sounding pizza right there. You couldmake some “special pizzas” that feature your unique ingredients as a way to bring them to the forefront. Or maybe just add a line of dialogue/text somewhere “Featuring xxxx, yyyy, zzzzz”?

(So many anonymous, it’s hard to keep treack)

Many apologies to the truly inspired joke guy. I meant no harm, as I thought I was jabbing at a guy needing one. Light came on and I jumped out of the plane too prematurely. (The info for Excel is still good, though for people needing a factorial of a large number). I put a smiley face after my assinine comment to soften it some . . . then I edited the comment completely.

I think you’re right. D@mn. Some of these dozens of unnamed “guest” people need to get registrations so we can have real conversations. I really never know which person said what and needs information for what.

I love a good joke with the rest of 'em and a good poke in the eye with the others . . . I just need to know which one I need to do :frowning: So much confusion with the people wanting new information, old verterans kicking ideas around and brainstorming, recent owners teetering on the brink trying to save their stores, and dufuses bouncing around needing more entertainment in their lives.

With enough work, The Think Tank could be coverted to a Soap :slight_smile:


Now that would make for a good night on the tube, kind of like SOAP was when it came out.

Nick you seriously need to get back in the kitchen and get cooking.

All that time off is starting to get to you.

And all those extra rooms in your new store … Nick’s comedy show live from Nick’s Pizzas :lol:


Don’t laugh too hard, though. We have plans to ‘green screen’ one of the back room walls and produce a “half bubble off plumb” show for public access cable. All about local silliness, obtuse sketches and us being us. Me and a good friend writing the materials.

See, my wife just read this thread and said I sound like a “puffy pants”. There you go. I shot my mouth off and payin’ the price. She’s been laughing at me for 5 minutes, and showing no signs of slowing.

Well, gotta . . . bake . . . .some pies . . . (think Shatner) or go stir crazy this weekend :shock: