Need Help with an electrical/Hobart issue

Earlier this morning my morning driver while doing sauce tossed one of the tomato can lids into the trash, but I forgot to take it out when I got to store, so the lid ended up bouncing off the trash and somehow touching the metal prong to the outlet. Now the mixer won’t start at all. I checked the breakers and none were flipped. Do Hobart mixers have some kind of fuse to prevent the entire mixer from being ruined? Also would this more likely destroy the mixer or is there a chance that the outlet is just dead now? I’m not sure if I should call an electrician or our guy that works on our Hobart when something happens?

Do you have a volt meter of any kind to check power coming from the outlet? I’m assuming it’s a bigger mixer or else I’d say plug something in and try that too

First thing i would do is call an electrician in to fix your outlet. You should not have anything exposed that would have allowed this to happen. If the breaker is not flipped then the outlet “should” still have power. But as noreason suggested, grab a volt meter and you can test it yourself.

I do not have a Hobart, but i have a Berkel, and it does have fuses and relays in the bottom of it to protect the motor and other electronics.

I don’t have one on me, but turns out my employee’s dad is an electrician so he said he’ll come look at it for us for free and if it’s something I can fix easily he won’t charge us

Right on. Free is my favorite price.

You’re 100% correct. From what the employee told me is that it wasn’t completely plugged in so part of the prong was exposed

Electricians that work “free” love pizza…

Turns out they prefer to lecture their son more than free pizza


man! it amazes me what kind of havoc can be produced in restaurants! something as simple as that piece of tin can ruin your day. Are all businesses like this or are we just the lucky ones?

[SIZE=6]It’s all of them![/SIZE]

Last week an electrician was installing a new breaker at a SkyTrain station in Vancouver…He turned off the wrong breaker and shut the system down for hours…Mass chaos…