Need Help with Business Proposal

Hello all,

My town is opening up a new vocational school. The school, after doing some research, has been around for many years but are now moving into a new location off a main road.

I’ve called and spoke to the secretary and found out that they have a student and staff lounge with only vending machines. The enrollment according to them is about 5000/year, comprising mostly of high school students approaching graduation, and the topics taught there are very diverse from forensic science to culinary art.

I’ve called the director last week to see if they’ll be interested in our service, telling her that we currently provide pizzas, sandwiches, and salads to local hospitals and businesses.

She seemed very interested and ask for me to come in to speak with her in person next week.

I’m looking for everyone’s expert advice on how I can put together an attractive proposal to present to her on how we can provide food service to their school and establish them as a regular account??

The truth is I’m not even sure how to go about this since this is a vocational school, with different classes happening at different times unlike a regular school that has a regular lunch period.

My initial thoughts were to place pre-made sandwiches, pizza slices and salads in their student lounge area…but that means I need a full time cashier, not to mention the refrigeration equipments and any health permits I may need, that is if the school agrees to this.

I would appreciate any ideas or comments on how I can pursue this business opportunity…thank you

Hello Islandgirl,You will have to provide us w/ more info.about times and equipment issues.The health dept. will be extremely harsh so be ready for the battle.You may be able to do some par bakes w/ mini conveyer ovens etc… Give some more details>would love to help you.


I suggest including as part of your proposal teaching something about operating or working in a pizzeria. You could get some money, exposure and opportunity for press coverage.

If these guys are getting basic instruction on food service skills, then you could be a prime lecturer.

Nick, thats a great idea the teaching. It has crossed my mind to do that along with offering these kids a hands on experience at my place. The only problem is my shop is 30 minutes away from the school, where as my home is 2 minutes away from the school.

I drove by the school everyday going home and go the idea that maybe I could have pre-packages sandwiches, salads, and even par-baked pizza slices that could the kids can reheat themselves using a small toaster oven or something.

Goomba, to be honest, I don’t have any further info on this except that the school director is willing to talk to me to see what I can do for them. I have not even seen the staff or student lounge because its still under construction and not open to the public until mid of august for registration.

With that said, I’m hoping to get ideas from everyone to see what I can propose to this school that would make them want to utilize our service???


Bring a few ideas - pre-packages sandwiches and salads delivered daily seems simple; pizza available by the slice at a couple peak times perhaps; priority delivery for meetings and parties.

But mostly be ready to ask some good questions and listen to the answers. THEY may already have an idea half-formed that you can get out in the open by poking around a bit.

-“tell me about any prior foodservice you’ve offered” (what worked what didn’t?)
-“What’s important to you about offering better food choices to students?”

That kind of thing - it will get them talking, and they’ll TELL YOU what they want…